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ZOOM Lords of the Realm
Sold Out (DOS) (Jewel Case w/ Manuals) (LORDSREPO)




4 1/2 stars from Computer Gaming World

PC Gamer 1994 Award - Best Historical Simulation

Presenting Medieval Pageantry on a Sweeping Scale...

Leap into our medieval tapestry and the grandeur of a unique strategy epic. The English throne lies empty in 1268 A.D. You and 5 lords are locked in a struggle for the crown. Reap the benefits of successful feudal governing, castle-sieging, and land battles to conquer your rivals and claim the kingdom.

Keep your serfs fed and happy. Assign them to farming, herding, building, military and other tasks. Design your own castles or build them using actual historical blueprints. Then lay siege to your neighbors' castles and fight out land battles in tactical detail.

No other medieval strategy game delivers this much in all areas of game play! Exquisite 256 color graphics and extensive animations combine with period music to offer an authentic atmosphere unprecedented in strategy gaming.

Take the challenge: Go for the Crown.


Modem play

Turn-based play

Up to 6 human players

Detailed economic simulation

Crop rotation, seasonal variables

Merchants and trade

Diplomatic messages and alliances

Land battles in real-time with many unit types

Requirements: 640K RAM, VGA Graphics, MS-DOS 3.31 or Higher, Hard Drive, Microsoft Compatible Mouse, 386 or Better. Supports: AdLib, AdLib Gold, SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster Pro, PC Speaker, Roland, Aria, Hayes compatible modem.


Computer Gaming World, November 1994

"Lords of the Realm allows you to control a fief and build castles (both historical floorplans and custom designs) on your way to becoming king. However, you strive to become king of a particular country, England, and must do considerably more micro-managing to be successful. The really good news for strategy gamers is that you can compete against human-controlled opponents, either by hot-seating at the same computer or by playing via modem."

"In summary, what Impressions has given gamers in Lords of the Realm is: 1) the joy of castle-building with an added dimension of economic management; 2) the strategic challenge of a wargame, complete with tactical resolution; 3) Kingmaker-style diplomatic maneuvering with more options; and 4) two different multi-player options in which to experience these challenges.

PC Gamer, March 1995

"The premise of Lords of the Realm is a familiar one - you're one of several nobles with designs on the throne of England during the Middle Ages - but after a few minutes of play you'll realize that this is a very special product. Many empire-building games either bog you down in minutiae or present you with easy-to-understand but unsatisfyingly broad options. But Lords of the Realm strikes the delicate balance between micro- and macro-management - and the result is one of the richest historical sims ever.

"To gain the throne, you must take control over the land usage, labor, military, and economy of your realm; you also have to keep an eye on the happiness of your subjects. It sounds daunting, but the superior interface - in conjunction with graphics that actually complement the information process - lets you get up and conquering without a glance at the manual (which you will want to read, since it's a great source of period information). If you have the heart of a leader beating inside you, try Lords of the Realm."

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