Lords of Midnight

Lords of Midnight - Domark - Retail - DOS - SOLD OUT / DISCONTINUED



The Fantasy Epic

The Story: The entire world wavers on the brink of collapse. The brave knights have been summoned to journey into the land of the Bloodmarch. It is there that the most powerful talisman known to man rests. He who harnesses its powers rules the realm.

A crusade led by King Luxor, your father, to uncover the talisman has met with disaster. He has been captured by Bloodmarch's evil ruler, Beroth the Wolfheart, and is being held in the despot's dark citadel. You must command the rescue of your Liege. Should you fail, King Luxor will be killed and chaos will reign supreme.

A heroic epic of monumnetal proportions, Lords of Midnight brings an enormous fantasy world to life.


Control up to 24 characters and their parties.

Recruit and command 13 different armies.

Hand to hand combat sequences feature 3D texture mapped graphics.

360 degre camera angles offer an amazing cinematic experience.

Travel the immense Land of Midnight by foot, boat and even dragonback.

Requirements: 486/33MHz minimum, DOS 5.0 or greater, Pentium recommended, 8MB RAM minimum, VGA, mouse, 10MB hard disk space, supports SoundBlaster and General MIDI, double-speed CD-ROM drive (300KB/sec).


Computer Shopper, January 1996

"The distinguishing feature of Domark's Lords of Midnight is its sheer scope and breadth: LOM is nothing less than an epic fantasy squeezed onto CD-ROM. In the game, you control up to 24 different characters, recruit armies, march them across a vast world, and interact with scores of other characters."

"The game has numerous reference functions that, with the sheer amount of information, is a necessity. It's wise to take notes while you play."

"Much thought went into this game's background, character personalities, and plot. If you have trouble managing a small party of adventureres exploring an average-sized dungeon, Lords of Midnight is not for you. But if you enjoy sweeping epics with a multitude of characters, then Lords of Midnight is your game."

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