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ZOOM Lords of Magic
$19.95 (Win95) (Retail) (LORDSMAGPR)

Unleash the Power of Magic in an Epic Quest

When the evil sorcerer Balkoth threatens the peaceful people of Urak with death and destruction, brave heroes with magical powers must rise up to stop the reign of terror and defeat the forces of tyranny. wielding the forces of magic through spells and artifacts of power, you explore, develop, and manage resources while forming alliances and advancing your status and fame. Choose your character - be it wizard, warrior or thief - court your allies, and study the lost arts of magic. Then stock your treasury and join forces with other champions of good to overthrow Balkoth and his evil collaborators.

8 strongholds to conquer, each fiercely protected by a unique race

Combat creatures from skeletons to dragons and up to 80 others using fantastic spells, artifacts, and weapons

3-D game map with 16-bit SVGA graphics and a powerful map editor puts you in control of terrain, topography, and texture

Choose from 24 different characters to represent you in your epic quest

Each champion has a unique portrait, characteristics, and abilities that increase with experience

Confront Balkoth as a lone warrior or ally yourself with up to 4 players via LAN or Internet. Even choose to battle all others as the dark lord himself.

Enter a Mystical, Magical World of Fantasy and Fury

The company that brought you Lords of the Realm II has created the ultimate combination of fantasy, strategy and combat with Lords of Magic. Building on the dramatic features that made that series a breakthrough in strategy gaming, Lords of Magic integrates turn-based exploration and resource management with real-time, tactical combat.

Become immersed in a rich fantasy world filled with elves, dragons, gnomes, and gargoyles. These and other mystical races are poised for battle against the evil lord Balkoth, who has joined with the barbarians to spread destruction across the land.

Under your command are up to 80 fantastical creatures, a teeming conglomeration of elves, vampires, skeletons, and fire-breathing dragons ready to help you fight the ultimate battle against the evil Balkoth.

Select one of eight cities to be the center of your empire

In your library, wizards will research spells to overpower your enemies

Deep inside your wizard tower sorcerers practice their secret arts to conjure magical creatures and train new acolytes

As you explore the land of Urak, you'll battle in dark and mysterious caves, castles, and dungeons

When you confront the enemy forces of Balkoth, "zoom in" to real-time combat

Requirements: Windows 95, Pentium 100+ (Pentium 133+ preferred), 16MB RAM (32MB preferred), SVGA Highcolor (16bit), 4x CD-ROM (12x preferred), 135MB hard drive space. Supports Windows compatible soundcard, Network, modem and Internet. Multiplayer requires IPX compatible network or 28.8 modem. Internet requires 32bit (low latency) connection.

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