Loony Labyrinth

See Pinball Madness

StarPlay Productions, Inc.


Solid State Pinball

Board the Loony Machine for a Pinball Adventure.


Shoot your way through the Minotaur's Maze

Championship playfield design

Expert flipper control

Full nudge and tilt

Vacuum formed ramps and loop

Three flippers and three multi-ball

Authentic light illumination

Flashing bumpers and rollovers

Super-real ball action

Play-action voices

Greek mythology theme

High score contest

Spectacular sound effects

Two kinds of background music

Requirements: 386 DX-33 MHz or fastre microprocessor, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or Windows NT 3.5, 256 color Super VGA display (640x480), and 8 MB RAM. Windows compatible sound card and CD-ROM drive required.

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