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The World's Finest Air Combat Sim

Jane's original AH-64D Longbow sim

Jane's Flash Point Korea expansion CD

Windows 95 and DOS native support

Never-before-seen tutorials

Real satellite terrain

400 missions, including two campaigns

Unprecedented realism

Interactive Jane's reference guide

Around the Globe, Day or Night, Longbow Gets it Done

The Training Field

In-depth, interactive tutorial missions show you the ropes of the AH-64D Longbow and its predecessor, the AH-64A Apache.

0800 Hours: Report to Training Hall for orientation and walk around

1200 Hours: Hone basic tactical skills against artificial intelligence targets on instant Action training range

1400 Hours: Log additional flight hours and practice maneuvers, TADS camera control, FCR targeting and Hellfire launches under instructior's supervision

1800 Hours: Pick up flight suit and report to Single Mission building for on-the-fly combat trainign under random mission parameters

Historical Missions - Panama

Relive historical missions modeled after actual events in the thick jungles of Central America, the first combat test of the Apache.

0800 Hours: Collect jungle survival gear, perform flight check on Apache and report to Hsitorical Simulator for further details

Mission Briefing: You are participating in a joint-force military operation, code-named Operation Just Cause. Goal is to remove General Manuel Noriega (head of the Panamanian Defense Force) from power.

Mission Objective: Employ "nap-of-the-earth" flight and test the Apache's combat capabilities. Eliminate Noriega's forces at all costs.

Historical Missions - Iraq

Fly the Mother of All Battles, precisely recreated through historical missions in the parched deserts of Iraq and Kuwait.

0200 Hours: Collect desert survival gear and report to Historical Simulator

Mission Briefing: You, in your Apache, launch the first strike of Operation Desert Storm and accompany seven gunships into Iraqi airspace. Engage and destroy critical radar installations, command posts, generators and antennae.

At 0249, Allied aircraft will pass undetected through this blind corridor and conduct heavy air strikes against Baghdad.

Mission Objective: Use infrared imaging and laser designators to lock onto targets and eliminate Iraqi communication points with Hellfire missiles.

Future Campaigns

The AH-64D Longbow enters service in 1997. Fly two near-future campaigns, from the first strike through conclusion of hostilities.

The Baltics

This scenario is based upon de-classified information from Jane's intelligence sources and is set among thousands of kilometers of actual satellite-generated terrain.

0900 Hours: Report to Campaign Building for unit assignment and tour of duty instructions.

Mission Briefing: Russian leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has initiated expansion efforts into the Baltics. Disputes over ownership of military bases in the former republics have facilitated scattered conflicts over the last month. Hostilities are particulary intense in Ukraine, where Russian forces have initiated brute force against local military units.

Mission Objective: Assist Ukrainian Army as needed. High-risk tasks may include scout missions, pilot pickups, POW rescue efforts, and attacks on radar installations and incoming tank columns.


Straight from today's headlines, take the Longbow to war in the world's latest flash point.

1100 Hours: Depart for staging area in South Korea.

Mission Briefing: Tensions between North and South Korea have erupted in disputes along the de-militarized zone between the two countries. Last week, a damaged North Korean submarine - presumably reconnaissance - ran aground in South Korea. A captured survivor revealed detailed North Korean plans for a full-scale invasion against South Korea. Both the U.S. and South Korean presidents have authorized U.S. support.

Mission Objective: Hunt down artillery spotters and protect U.S. ground units. Utilize mountain and jungle terrain in your approach to minimize exposure.

Requirements: Windows 95 - Intel Pentium 66 or faster, 16MB RAM or more, Direct X compatible PCI video card, Direct X compatible digital sound card, mouse, 130 MB free hard drive space, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster.

Requirements: DOS - Intel Pentium 66 or faster, 16MB RAM or more, VESA 1.2 compliant video card, digital sound card (Sound Blaster or 100% compatible), mouse (using Microsoft Mouse Driver 7.0 or better), 70 MB free hard drive space, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster.

For Optimal Performance: Intel Pentium 120 or faster, 32 MB RAM or more, 150 MB free hard drive space, 6x CD-ROM drive or faster, joystick, throttle and rudder controls, Smartdrive Disk Cache (for DOS).

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