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Longbow 2 with Strategy Guide
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (LONGBOW2PR)

Janes Combat Simulations / Electronic Arts

Includes Strategy Guide


ESRB Rating: Teen (Ages 13+)


95% from PC Gamer - Editor's Choice - 1997 Best Simualtion

9 from boot Magazine

The Complete Combat Helicopter Simulation

Jane's Combat Simulations proudly presents Longbow 2, the cutting-edge sequel to 1996's universally acclaimed Flight Sim of the Year. An amazing new graphics engine, combined with a host of innovative new multi-player features, multiple aircraft types and dynamic campaigns, delivers the ultimate helicopter combat experience. No other simulation can match the detail, excitement and realism of Longbow 2.

Flight Sim of the Year
Developed by the team that brought you Jane's AH-64D Longbow, 1996's undisputed Flight Sim of the Year.

Cutting Edge Graphics
All-new graphics engine with dynamic lighting and eight times the detail of its predeccessor, plus 3Dfx accelerator support.

Spectacular Sights and Sounds
Photo-realistic night vision effects, 3-D virtual cockpits and explosive battlefield sounds provide an incredibly immersive combat experience.

Multiplayer Combat
Comprehensive multiplayer support, including co-operative, head-to-head and team play via internet, modem, serial or local area network.

Multiple Choppers
Fly a suite of lethally armed helicopters, including the Kiowa Scout, Balck Hawk transport and Longbow Apache gunship.

Instant Action
Enhanced instant action mode provides easy and unlimited access to explosive arcade-style missions.

Dynamic Campaigns
Longbow 2's campaign engine can generate a new war every time you play, for nearly infinite solo and multiplayer flight action. Campaign environments include Azerbaijan and Ft. Irwin, CA.

Interactive Training
Step-by-step training missions provide all the skills you need to survive in combat - from basic flight to advanced combat tactics.

Maximum Realism
Includes advanced physics and avionics modeling, realistic AI systems and an interactive Jane's battlefield reference guide.

Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/XP - Pentium 133 MHz or faster (P200 recommended), 170MB of free uncompressed hard drive space plus 30MB free hard drive space for Windows 95 swap file (370MB recommended), 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive, DirectX 5 compatible 2MB PCI bus video card (3Dfx Voodoo chipset based video card recommended), MS compatible mouse (Windows 95 compatible joystick, rudder, throttle recommended), Microsoft DirectX compatible sound card.

Required for Multi-Player: Longbow 2 CD required and one of the following: Network with IPX/SPX compatible protocol (2-4 players), Serial connection (2 players), 28.8 Kbps modem (2 players), TCP/IP via user's Internet connection (2 players).

Tested OK on Windows XP.


boot Magazine, February 1998

"When it was released in 1996, AH-64D Longbow was a knockout. Now, with a few well-targeted improvements, Longbow 2 makes its predecessor look like River Raid on the Atari 2600."

"Naturally, there's a price to be paid. The smallest install runs 170MB, the largest a crushing 420MB. With the 290MB medium install, new areas load from the CD-ROM, taking up to ten minutes to load and decompress textures from a 6x drive.

"After that, however, load times become extremely fast, and overall performance is sharp. At 640x480, a 3Dfx-equipped system keeps things clipping along at 15fps to 18fps, even with all the visual options maxed out, and a Pentium II manages to push the frame rates up into the twenties."

"The only possible gripes are embarrassingly minor: the lack of an index in the half-inch-thick manual, and a Directinput glitch that prevents re-assignment of joystick hat-switch functions. The Jane's team is working on a patch to correct the latter and is also considering ports to other 3D architectures.

"Otherwise, this is as close to a perfect product as you're likely to see, Longbow 2 captures nap-of-the-Earth helicopter tactics in a simulation that's high-tech yet as much fun as seat-of-the-pants historical sims."

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