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A- from PC Games

94% from PC Gamer - Editor's Choice

9 (out of 10) from Computer Player

1997 bootie Award: Best Flight Sim from boot Magazine

Jane's Combat Simulation

Designed by Experts. Produced by critically acclaimed combat sim designer Andy Hollis (Gunship, F-15 Strike Eagle III, F-19 Stealth Fighter), AH-64D Longbow represents over 40 man-years of development effort, almost a century of Jane's expertise, and has been fully tested by U.S. Army combat pilots.

Real Terrain. Fly nap-of-the-earth across 20,000 sq km of fully-textured rolling terrain, all modeled on real U.S. Geological Survey digital elevation maps.

True Flight Modeling. Advanced aerospace engineering makes the AH-64D Longbow dynamics the most realistic ever. Experience the sensation of helicopter flight like never before.

5 Ways to Fly. Interactive flight training, authentic historical missions, instant action, indepth campaign mode and custom mission generator. Over 250 missions in all.

Enhanced Features. Fully customizable interface and controls let you tailor physics and gameplay to your personal flying style. Photo-realistic animations and live-action newscasts keep you up to date on the war effort. View actual test-flight footage of the same maneuvers you'll fly in the sim.

Precision Avionics. Designate priotity fire zones, trade target lists with your wingman and commence your attack. Every detail is designed using actual manufaturer's flight manuals.

Requirements: Intel486 66+ or 100% compatible PC system, MS-DOS or higher, 8 MB RAM, 36 MB free hard drive space, 2x DC-ROM drive or faster, MSCDEX version 2.23 or higher, 256-color SVGA local bus or PCI video card, VESA 1.2 video compliance, keyboard and Microsoft compatible mouse.

Sound Cards: Sound Blaster (SB), SB Pro/SV 16/SB AWE 32 or 100% compatible, ProAudio Spectrum, Roland RAP-10 (digital only), Ensoniq Soundscape.

Recommended: Intel Pentium 90, 16 MB RAM, VESA 2.0 video compliance, 97 MB hard drive space, Sound Blaster 16, joystick and throttle or weapons control system, rudder support.


PC Games, July 1996

"Longbow begins with an awe-inspiring computer-animated sequence showing you what this machine can do, then leads you to a highly rendered overhead view of your airfield, which acts as the menu. There's an audio tutorial designed to familiarize you with the aircraft's complex avionics and the nuances of helicopter attack tactics."

"Longbow has all the chops to establish itself as the No. 1 realistic helicopter sim, supplanting Interactive Magic/Digital Integrations's excellent Apache...The game will also make you appreciate the skill and courage of the people who fly this aircraft in real-life battle situations. It ain't easy on the PC, so just imagine what it's like with real bullets whistling by your head."

PC Gamer, July 1996

"If you're a sim novice who's intimidated by all this talk of radar and flight models, don't fret; Longbow has the most amazing tutorial system you'll find in any air combat game. Beginning with a walkaround tour of the Longbow's most important systems and progressing through basic flying lessons to actual target practice, you'll be guided by the calm, cool voice of an instructor pilot (he sounds a lot like Tommy Lee Jones). By the time you finish the last of the game's eight lessons, you'll be identifying targets, designating Priority Fire Zone, and firing Hellfire missiles like a pro."

"But forget all that technical stuff for a minute; the bottom line is that AH-64D Longbow is loads of fun. As complex as it is, it's easy to learn and extremely playable. If you're even remotely interested in air combat sims - even if you've never tried one before - you can't go wrong with Longbow."

Computer Player, July 1996

..."Though this audio-visual 'sizzle' is a bonus, the game-play 'steak' is where a game lives or dies. In that respect Longbow comes through with flying colors. The game offers a variety of flight models, ranging from a forgiving, user-friendly one that lets newbies carom into ground structures and laugh in the face of danger to an ultra-realistic version that models drag and pitch and includes accurate collective and cyclic controls. Missions can take place at any time, night or day, and in a wide variety of terrain types allows gamers to put the Longbow through its paces. All the advanced harware of the Longbow is represented, including the IHADSS (integrated helmet and display sight system) and the mast-mounted fire-control radar.

"Easily one of the most impressive aspects of Longbow is the terrain. Real-world Apache drivers are taught to use the terrain to their advantage, employing hills and valleys for cover and concealment. According to Andy Hollis, the terrain was created using real-world sources. 'We settled on a combination of USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) height elevation data that is fractalized and rendered by computer software and then touched up by hand to add fields, roads, farms and other structures.' The result is a richly textured terrain that's ideal for using the Apache helicopter the way it was designed to be used."

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