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4 stars from Electronic Entertainment

2 Full Courses: Harbour Town & Banff Springs

Now one small CD can transport you to two world-class golf courses anytime of the day or night your little heart desires. Links - the most award winning golf simulation ever - is guaranteed to bring you hours of pleasurable desktop golfing. From tee to green, Links Pro CD is unrivaled in recreating a true golfing experience for your PC.

Links Pro CD (formerly titled Links 386 Pro) has been hailed as "the best golf game on the planet" (PC Home Journal). With Links Pro CD you can enjoy two of the world's best golf courses - Banff Springs of Alberta, Canada and Harbour Town Golf Links of South Carolina fame. Each has been meticulously recreated to match the original course in exacting detail. And with aerial fly-bys you can observe Pete Dye's demanding Harbour Town course from the air or watch Mt. Rundel, Mt. Sulphur and Mt. Tunnel spin in the bacground as you soar down the fairways at Banff Springs. Golf tips and digital background music compliment the experience.

Enjoy the nationally recognized humor of comedian Bobcat Goldthwaite as he personally caddies you through each round. There are two Bobcat sound files to choose from, depending on the levle of needling you can stand.



Electronic Entertainment, July 1995

"Links 386Pro was the Crown Jewel of PC golf games. Links 386 CD may not add any spectacular new features to its stellar predecessor, but this CD-ROM upgrade contains plenty of buried treasures.

"For starters, Links 386 CD comes with two courses instead of one: The classic Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is joined by Access's newest championship course, Banff Springs in Alberta, Canada. This new course is probably one of the most dramatic and scenic of any of the Access add-on courses. Putting both on one disc offers new players a pair of very different golfing experiences, contrasting Harbour Town's scenic ocean views with Banff's striking snow-capped peaks.

"Access also created aerial fly-bys for both courses, a feature the company recently included on its Prairie Dunes Country Club add-on disc. The fly-bys are more than window dressing. When fairway curves obscure the pin, the fly-bys give you a nicely rendered aerial view of the entire hole from start to finish, along with commentary that suggests how to approach the tee shot. While this sort of device isn't new-both Electronic Arts and US Gold include the feature in their golf titles- these fly-bys have better graphics, as well as more narration specific to each hole.

"The final addition to Links 386 CD is auditory. Complementing improved sound effects (the crowd really sounds like a crowd now), you can also choose from a pair of new commentary tracks provided by slacker comedian Bobcat Goldthwait's patter comes in two flavors - obnoxious and more obnoxious - but he is pretty restrained by his own standards; you can tell Access had the Bobcat on a leash. The new voice is a plus, if you like goofy witticisms such as "Hey, uh, if we can find your ball, at least it'll be really clean", after you dunk one in the water hazard. If you don't like being harassed, you can always opt for Links' original audio tracks.

"Access continues to streamline Links' interface and capabilities. For example, the CD version makes it a cinch to select from six different screen display combinations or create your own displays. Choose from the main and green course views and charts for foot placement, green profile, club distance, and leader board. In addition, you can search for add-on courses on your hard disk of CD-ROM drive, Also, it's now easier to choose a specific practice hole.

"Taken together, all these minor changes add up to minor changes. Major upgrades will have to wait for what used to be known as Links 486, which insiders are now calling Links for Pentium, but that's not due until the end of the year. For now, Links 386 CD gets by with a few tweaks and a chained Bobcat. The new version isn't enough to justify a purchase by owners of Links 386, but newcomers will not be disappointed."

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