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ZOOM Links LS 1998 Edition
Sold Out (Win 95) (Retail) (LINKSLS8PR)

Access Software Inc.


Suitable for all audiences

See Links LS 1999

With Arnold Palmer at Latore Country Club.

In Links LS '98, the forces of art and technology combine to produce a golf experience unparalleled. This Codie Award winning golf simulation is packed with over 25 new features!


"Look ahead" rendering for superfast redraws.

Easy Internet play. Now connect up to 8 stations simultaneously over the internet or network. Also supports modem to modem play.

New visual enhancements include water reflections, terrain microtexturing, waving flags, flying sand and divots, blimps, balloons, airplanes, and new haze and fog.

Play as or against the grandmaster of golf, Arnold Palmer.

Up to 16.7 million colors at 1600X1200 resolution.

4 Championship Courses featuring Latrobe Country Club and Kapalua Plantation, Village and Bay courses. An incredible 72 holes of golf!

Precision terrain rendering and ball flight physics are the most accurate and realistic of any golf simulator.

Off-line Tournaments. Design your own tournaments and compete against friends or computer opponents.

6 modes of play including stroke, best ball, match play, skins, scramble, and alternate shot.

6 golfers including Arnold Palmer and 2 new animations for LS '98 with postshot reactions and unique voice responses.

Other golfers on screen. Playing partners no appear on screen with you.

Main view in window (at resolutions above 800x600).

New "smart" cameras including Golfer Cam, Pin Cam, Green Cam, Landing Cam, and Putting Cam. You can have up to 8 cameras open at one time.

Supports all previous Links SVGA courses.

16 bit stereo sound with full sound library and sound script editor.

Computer opponents and recorded players.

Virtual Reality tours of Arnie's office and workshop and the Plantation Clubhouse.

Video tour of Arnie's home course at Latrobe and of Kapalua in Maui.

Bold type = New for Links LS '98!

Design your own off-line tournaments and compete against friends or computer opponents. You can even create your own Links Tour and vie for top money winner! (Sorry, money not included!)

Get acquainted with a legend in golf through Virtual World tours of Arnold Palmer's workshop, office, and trophy room and an in-depth multimedia interview.

Links LS '98 - The Legend Continues!

With Links LS you've invested in a world of desktop golf that grows as the real world of golf grows. At Access Software, we are not only committed to bringing you the greatest golfing realism possible on a PC, but we are committed to recreating for you the actual places and personalities of professional golf. Sites of the Ryder Cup, PGA Championship, U.S. Open, and Golf Digest Top 100 Courses are our main fare. We're not just another software company that makes a golf game, we're a team of dedicated software designers that actually recreate the real world of golf. We love golf and it shows!

Requirements: Pentium 90 CPU with Windows 95, or Windows NT 4.0 or later, 16 MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM, 1 MB video capable of 800 x 600 resolution in 32K colors, 42 MB of free hard drive space (estimated), 8 bit sound card, mouse.


Computer Shopper, November 1997

"With last year's introduction of Links LS, Access Software became the Bobby Jones of golf sims, crafting a detailed, challenging title with some of the most amazingly realistic course graphics and sound effects to date. Now, with the release of Links LS 1998 Edition, Access is in the unenviable position of having to improve on what many believed was the best golf simulation ever developed.

"The most noticeable change is the move to Windows 95, whcih makes installation much easier than it was with Links '97. The real advantage, however, is in its demonstrably improved multiplayer capabilities. The game currently supports both TCP/IP and modem/serial play; for IPX network play, you'll need DirectPlay 5.0, which Access is making available as part of a patch. Access has also included an offline tournament mode that lets you design and compete in your own tours against computer players.

"Other enhancements include two new players - one male, one female - who join Arnie and the three original golfers, and up to eight 'smart' cameras that offer twice as many views as Links '97. Two new shot formats - Scramble and Alternate Shot - join the four formats included in the prior edition. New sky backgrounds have also been added, and clouds now appear more real than before. Most improved, however, are the textures and colors in the water graphics, particularly the reflections of surrounding trees and buildings. The flags on the green wave in the breeze, while airplanes, blimps, and birds buzz by at intermittent intervals. The overall effect is nothing short of amazing.

"But does it play? Yes, pretty musch as before, but better, thanks to a technology Access calls 'look-ahead rendering,' which greatly minimizes the waiting time for a screen to be redrawn by calculating where the ball will land and updating the screen to the next view while the ball is in the air..."

"Complaints about the updated game are few. One is the limited number of courses, none of which are new. Also, be prepared for the game to occupy up to 200MB of space on your hard drive for optimum play..."

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