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ZOOM Links LS: Legends in Sports
Sold Out (DOS/Win 95) (Retail) (LINKSLSPR)

See Links LS 1999,Golf Games

In addition - Arnold Palmer at Latrobe Country Club

Access Software Incorporated



96% from PC Gamer - Editor's Choice

A- from PC Games

1997 bootie Award: Best Sports Sim from boot Magazine

Capturing the Essence of the Game

After winning nearly every award for a sports simulation possible with Links 386, Access Software had to dig deep and stretch the limits of technology to bring you the next generation of Links - Links LS. So what's new about Links LS? Every stroke, every blade of grass, every contour, every chirp...everything is new!

Unlimited screen resolution and up to 16.7 million colors - resolution independent means that Links LS can match any monitor's maximum viewing capabilities (even 1600x1200 and higher) and up to 16.7 million colors means the finest in color quality possible. You've simply never seen any golf simulation software this good.

Totally new terrain rendering engine and ball flight gives Links LS a realism never before achieved in the gaming industry. As Links has always done, we render not just the hole itself but the entire course and more - you literally can hit your ball a half-mile out of bounds. Now, authentic ground, sand, and grass textures combine with dynamic shadows and fog, to give you a course so lifelike you can almost feel the wet grass. Our engineers have reworked the ball dynamics giving you true-to-life ball flight. Fade your drive just like the pros or watch as your high arching wedge shot actually backs up on the green.

At Access, we believe a golf game should be more than just an interaction with your mouse. We take seriously the challenge of recreating the golfing experience for your computer to totally immerse you in our favorite sport at the flip of a switch.

Links LS features:

Unlimited screen resolutions and up to 16.7 million colors

New terrain-rendering engine and ball-flight model

New modes of play include Match Play, Best Ball, and Skins

Modem/network play

16 bit 3-D stereo sound with sound library editor

54 championship holes. Plantation and Village Courses at Kapalua and Mr. Palmer's home course at Latrobe

Virtual reality tour of Arnold Palmer's trophy room at Latrobe and Kapalua clubhouse

4 golfers including Arnold Palmer - each has reactions for both good and bad shots

Watch golf like never before with multiple camera windows and custom viewing positions

Supports all previous SVGA LINKS Championship Courses

TrueMotion-S Video player displays hole flybys and other video in windows up to 640x480

Arnold Palmer at Latrobe Country Club

Arnold Palmer at Latrobe C.C. - the first in our Tour Player Series, delivers far more than 18 holes of golf. The Arnold Palmer experience includes a virtual reality tour of Arnie's workshop, office and trophy room. Roam freely in 360 degrees and examine the tools of the trade behind the legend. Listen to Mr. Palmer give insights and recollections about his PGA and Senior PGA tours through Access Software's exclusive multimedia footage. Then tee off as or against the digitized Mr. Palmer, who not only looks and sounds exactly like Arnie, but plays with the same style and tenacity that defined the legendary Grand Master of Golf.

Kapalua, Maui - 36 Stunning and Demanding Holes

Resting on the windswept coast of Maui, two glorious Hawaiian Island courses have been selected to inaugurate Links LS as the first in the series of Resort Courses. The Arnold Palmer-designed Kapalua Village Course has a distinctly European flavor and a commanding view of the West Maui mountains. The 7,263 yard Kapalua Plantation Course showcase expansive slopes, deep valleys and unique native vegetation. You can take a walk through the Plantation Clubhouse and examine over 93 points of interest.

Requirements: MS-DOS operating system 6.0 or higher, computer with 486SX2 66 mHz CPU, 12 MB RAM (16MB for Win '95), 2x CD-ROM (MPC level 2 compliant), 1 MB video capable of 800x600 resolution in 32K colors (VESA compliant), 35 MB of free hard drive space (estimated), 8 bit sound card, mouse.

Not compatible with NexGen CPUs without a math coprocessor.

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