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ZOOM Links LS 1999
$9.95 (Win95/98/NT) (Retail) (LINKS99PR)
Does not work on Windows XP or higher.

Access Software Incorporated



9 from PC Accelerator

New Links LS 1999 Captures Competition!

Links has been the world's most award-winning and best-selling golf game for over a decade. Each year we strive to raise the bar of enjoyment, playability, and technology, with special attention to recreate for you the details of the real world of golf. This newest version retains the best of the past and adds features never before attempted by anyone.

What You Get With Links LS '99: (red type=NEW for 99)

Make up your own games! New Mode of Play (MOP) Game Designer - create your own Modes of Play and swap them with your friends. Over 30 MOPs are included to get you started.

LS '99 features four world-class golf courses! Along with Latrobe Country Club (now in beautiful fall foliage) Links LS '99 also features the birthplace of golf itself - St Andrews Links Old Course of Scotland! Also Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge, and the stunning red cliffs of Entrada at Snow Canyon in southern Utah.

Tournament Environment - immerses you in a tournament atmosphere with galleries of thousands to cheer your every shot.

Two New Swing Options - PowerStroke and 3-Click mouse swing options in addition to original 2-Click swing.

3-D Objects - raise the realism to an even higher level.

Caddie Book gives useful tips to help you master each hole.

New Features for Internet Play - now enjoy "Internet Spectators" and Real-Time Voice Chat through new audio-compression technology.

More realistic than ever with improved panorama, colors, textures, flora and trees.

Two New Golfers to choose from (8 in all).

Expanded Sound Script Editor allows you to edit crowd noises, add your own comments (WAV files), and insert them wherever you want.

Improved Controls make game play easier than ever.

The most realistic ball-flight physics of any golf sim are now even better!

Supports more than 25 expansion courses (sold separately) including tournament sites, Championship Courses, Tour Player courses and 5-Course Libraries. New courses are added regularly each year to extend the playability of Links LS.

Smart cameras let you view your game from any angle!

Resolutions up to 1800x1440 and 16.7 million colors with "Look-Ahead" rendering for superfast redraws.

Haze and fog options as well as waving flags, airplanes and other visual enhancements add even more realism.

Includes multimedia tours of St Andrews Links, Bay Hill Club and Lodge and Entrada.

Get acquainted with the legend himself, Arnold Palmer, through "Virtual World Tours" of his workshop, office, trophy room and in-depth mutlimedia interviews.

Over a dozen new improvements for off-line tournaments. Play alone or against computer opponents, recorded players, internet friends and Internet tournaments.


Pentium 150 CPU with Windows 95/98/NT, 4x CD-ROM drive, 32 MB RAM, 1 MB video capable of 800x600 resolution in 32K colors, 60MB of free hard drive space (estimated), 8 bit sound card, mouse. (Note to NT users: Internet play requires NT 5.0)


PC Accelerator, January 1999

"All the additions would be completely worthless if the game did not play well, but this is where Links LS shines. With its excellent ball physics and tight control, the game simply feels and plays better than any competitor. Also its amazing number of options are more than just bullet points on a box, they all add to the realism and gameplay. So 1999 will be the same as the years before, with Links LS clearly the best golf game on the market."

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