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Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP8) (DVD) (LEMMREVPR)

Publisher: Psygnosis


- Mild animated violence


4/5 from  Strategy Plus


One More Puzzle To Challenge Their Tiny Little Brains...

After years of risking life and limb, the Lemmings' migration to find their utopia was over. The Lemmings had found their promised land and made themselves at home. Some took shelter in the forests, and some by the ocean, while others settled in the desert.

Little did the Lemmings know that their adventures had become the stuff of legend, and had attracted particular interest among the weasels. One dark night, every Lemming was captured and packed away into boxes while the weasels set to work! The only means of escape is their hot air balloons. Unfortunately these have been strategically positioned to lure the Lemmings into danger.

Lead the Lemmings to safety in this addicting puzzle / strategy game!

The witless little Lemmings have returned - this time in a simple, elegant 3D world filled with hazards like lava and perilous heights. One hundred puzzles to play over again and again - like the Treehouse, the Stone Tower and more.

Rotate the puzzle structure while directing Lemmings around its entire circumference, guiding the little morons to the safety of a waiting hot air balloon.

Three types of Lemmings to play - standard, lava and water Lemmings have unique skills.

Use the 16 skills you can teach the Lemmings to help them along - such as the classic Basher and Climber to the new Trampoline and AntiGravity and more.

Adjustable difficulty settings customize the game for any ability level - from Easy As Pie to Unimagineable and anywhere in between.

Wonderful, pleasing scenery and music to enjoy while preventing the demise of these dopey guys.


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: Pentium II 266MHz or higher, 64MB RAM, 450MB hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, DirectX 7 (provided on game CD), 4MB DirectX compatible 3D accelerator card, DirectX compatible sound card, Microsoft compatible keyboard and mouse.


Strategy Plus by Dave Perkins

"All is right with the world—the weasels are once again up to their weaselly tricks, the lemmings are once again lugging around their single-cell brains, and puzzle-loving gamers are once again up to their necks in wonderful challenges. Anyone who played the original Lemmings will immediately recognize the primary cast of Lemmings Revolution: tiny, pastel-shirted mammals who lack any common sense, and who rely on you to give them orders. They emerge from their boxes to find themselves in dangerous environments, supposedly designed by their wicked weasel captors, but actually concocted by the clever humans at Psygnosis."

"The skills you can bestow upon your lemmings are also familiar to any fan of the original games: builders to create stairways, miners to dig sloping tunnels, blockers to prevent other lemmings from falling into nasty situations, and so on. While the skills are unchanged, most everything else is—and for the better. The most important and pleasant move is from two dimensions to three—not the contrived, difficult-to-control 3D of Lemmings 3D, mind you, but a marvelous adaptation of the series’ original 2D design. Each level is now cylindrical, with platforms and obstacles protruding from a rotatable tree trunk. In addition to adding a measure of graphical interest to the game, this happily lends credence to those isolated chunks of terrain that defied gravity in the original 2D version."

Games Domain Review by Chris McMullen

"...Lemmings Revolution takes a non-revolutionary step back to the lemmings' roots and sticks with the original skills featured in the first lemmings games. However, the lemmings do now come in subtly different flavours. Mostly you'll be playing with the standard blue bodies and green-haired lemmings with their ability to die horribly on demand, but on other occasions you get to deal with acid walking and water-walking lemmings who can survive walking over acid and water respectively (no doubt the latter ability will go down a storm with any particularly evangelical rattlesnake handling preachers). There are levels where you find yourself dealing with two different varities of lemmings at once, perhaps having to use lemmings of the first kind to clear the path of lemmings of a second kind and vice-versa. By doing this Tarantula have managed to subtly improve upon the game's original format yet have avoided changing the formula so much as to alienate existing Lemmings fans."

"Nevertheless, while these glitches are a bit annoying, they're not annoying enough to sink Lemmings Revolution. Granted, it may not be perfect, but with Lemmings Revolution, Tarantula have captured not all but a great deal of the original Lemmings magic. Mike states in his review that the graphics aren't brilliant, which is true, but gameplay is what should really count and the game's graphics are good enough for you to see what's going on in the game - I certainly don't agree the lemmings aren't as cute as they used to be - they still have plenty of character, although how much character a small computer sprite could have in the first place is debateable. All in all, if you have fond memories of playing the original Lemmings or are just looking for a puzzle game that is playable, challenging and addictive with it, then with its hundred or so longevity-boosting levels Lemmings Revolution is well worth picking up."

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