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ZOOM Legend of the North:
$19.95 (Win95/98/2000/Me/XP) (Retail Packaging) (LEGNORTHPR)

Publisher: Strategy First

- Animated blood and violence

Game: A brand new RPG with RTS elements set in the complex atmosphere of VII-century Scandinavia, the mystical "Land of the North"...


It Is a Time of Evil

Your quest is to restore the Dragon's Amulet and find the eternal Bracelet of Lordship, bringing order to the world.

But the Dragon's Amulet has been broken into three pieces.

Now three heroes roam the lands, each in search of fragments that will grant them the power to rule mortal men.

They will choose between good and evil.

They will look deep into their own souls to find the answers that will lead them to the end of their quest.

On their shoulders rests the fate of the world....

Three Heroes, One Quest

Eric, a hero of the North clan, the most powerful clan since the Titans' epoch had forgot the fame of the ancient Gods. All this time, he was gathering the greatest warriors and preparing for the crucial battle for domination of the clan. Eric was afraid of becoming mortal again and went forth to the Forest Land to search for the Dragon's Amulet.

Having finished his campaigns of war, Konstantin devoted himself to the study of science. But, realizing that the fate of the Titans' world depended upon the result of the crucial battle for possession of the Dragon's Amulet, he came to the Forest Land with a band of old stagers who guarded the Byzantine trade post.

Since the time of the Titans', Wolf, the only remaining member of the Hunter's clan, has been famous for his skills in archery. He lives in the Forest Land and dreams of reviving his clan. His great fame has spread throughout the country and many people have vowed to follow him. Now he is fully resolved to fight for the Dragon's Amulet, even though it will be necessary for him to meet Eric's berserkers in battle.


The strike of his sword can be compared only with Titans' rage. Nobody can match the Warrior in hand to hand combat.

The Hunter of the Northern Lands is a brilliant archer. In close combat, his strokes may not be as powerful as those of the Warrior, but they are more precise and he easily evades the enemy's sword.

He may lack the Hunter's dexterity and the Warrior's stamina but a hardened Merchant can withstand the strongest strokes of his enemy's sword. In addition, his maximum weight limit is greater than all the other heroes.

The mark of a true Leader is the strength which his words inspire. A Leader can gather about him the largest band, the best warriors, who will fight to the death by his side.


16 Bit High Color displaying 640 x 480 to 800 x 600 resolution with colorful real-time light effects including day/night cycles

More than 60 non-linear quests that can be completed in several ways

NPCs and even monsters are able to join and be recruited into the player's party

All characters within the party gain experience and advance in levels

50 magical artifacts with different abilities including teleportation and resurrection

Both player and NPCs have their own inventory and items used affect charcter animations



Win95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP: Pentium 166 MHz or higher, 150 Mb free hard disk space, 8x CD-ROM (16x CD-ROM recommended), 32 Mb RAM (64 Mb recommended), mouse, keyboard, 16 bit high color 640x480 to 800x600 resolution, DirectX compatible (16 bit, 44 kHz, stereo), DirectX 6.0 or higher, Multiplayer 2-16 Players, 1 Game CD per player TCP/IP compliant network, Modem for Internet and Direct Connect play, DirectShow 6.0, Intel Indeo 5.06.


Copyright © 1993-2000, Inc.