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ZOOM The Legend of Kyrandia
Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge
Sold Out (Win/DOS) (Retail) (LEGENDK3PR)

Westwood Studios


Malcolm's Side of the Story

Your country despises you. The Underworld beckons you. Pirates reject you. And your toupee smells like squirrel. Long hated by everyone who's anyone, you're Malcolm, the infamous Court Jester of Kyrandia and you have one last chance to save your misunderstood hide.

In Book Three of The Legend of Kyrandia, we finally discover Malcolm's side of the story. Prepare for the ends of the Earth with swim fins and an inflatable pool toy. Play games with the Queen of the Fishworld. If you really want to wreak sweet revenge on Brandon and Kallak, solve the murders behind the monarchy and prove your innocence at last.

Control Malcolm's personality and speech with Westwood Studios' new interactive Moodometer. When conversing with Kyrandians, does it pay to be nice, normal, of lie like crazy?

Wander through over 80 scenes rendered in deliriously advanced 3-D graphics. Encounter harder puzzles, more absurd magic and good and bad consciences that offer dubious advice.

Hear Supersound, a new feature that simultaneously weaves a lively musical score with real sound effects.

With "no-click" interfacing, access options by simply moving your mouse to the lower screen. Enjoy easy playability and larger graphics.

Remember, although you can make anyone laugh, this game has many options, many paths and many endings. Whether new to the series or an old hand, know that you're only one small trickster in a very large world.


IBM PC or 100% compatible with 386/33MHz or higher processor, MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, 4MB RAM, VGA/MCGA graphics card, hard drive with 15 megabytes available, CD-ROM drive, MSCDEX 2.2 or higher, Microsoft compatible mouse.

Printer and Windows 3.1 or higher required to print manuals.

Supports: Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster AWE-32, and compatible sound cards, Ensoniq Soundscape, Gravis UltraSound, Gravis UltraSound MAX, Pro AudioSpectrum 16, Adlib Gold and Gold Standard, and Audiotrix Pro.

For Windows Installation: Windows 3.1 or better.

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