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ZOOM Sesame Street Learning Series
Get Set For Kindergarten
Sold Out (Win95/98/Win3.1) (CDs w/ User's Guide) (LEARNKINPO)

Publisher: Creative Wonders


Ages: 4 to 6

Kids' Favorite Characters

A Full Kindergarten Curriculum of Pre-Reading, Pre-Math, Language Arts, Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

From the creators of Sesame Street, the most trusted name in early learning, comes the most fun & comprehensive way to prepare kids for kindergarten. Jump onto the set of Guy Smiley's game show where an entire cast of Muppet learning experts introduces kids to a full kindergarten curriculum. Get Set for Kindergarten Deluxe features 2 CD-ROMs, each dedicated to an important early learning area. And with over 40 activity combinations covering over 40 key skills, your child will love preparing for kindergarten.

Disk 1: Let's Make a Word!

Disc 1 is dedicated to building early reading skills. Kids play Guy Smiley's game show, featuring 6 Muppet word experts and 24 different activity combinations. They'll love playing games with letters and words, phonics, simple spelling, rhyming - even Spanish words!

  • Word Identification. America's favorite game show host, Guy Smiley, welcomes you to Let's Make a Word! Pick a Muppet word expert, pick a place to visit, and you're off!
  • Spelling. In Elmo's "Spin-n-Spell" build words by choosing the correct letter. Mastering spelling basics is fun with Elmo as your coach.
  • Phonics. In the "Sound-It-Out" game, children match the first letter with the correct word ending.
  • Rhyming. Take turns creating rhymes with Zoe in "Rhyme Time". What in this picture rhymes with 'man'?
  • Spanish. Match objects to Spanish words in Rosita's "Spanish Game". Can you find 'el perro'? That's right - the dog!

Disk 2: Get Set to Learn!

Disk 2 completes the comprehensive kindergarten learning foundation by focusing on early math as well as thinking and problem solving skills. In another edition of Guy Smiley's game show, five Muppet hosts lead kids through learning activities focused on numbers, counting, comparisons, shapes & patterns, and early addition and subtraction.

  • Shapes & Patterns. Cookie Monster wants his cookies! Finish the pattern in his "Kooky Cookie" game by finding shapes & colors.
  • Addition, Subtraction & Object Identification. Add, subtract and identify things like sour pickles or rotten apples as you help Oscar dunk his friend Telly.
  • Numbers, Sets & Counting. Spin the wheel to learn all about sets, counting & number recognition.
  • Thinking And Problem Solving. On your mark, get set, learn! Kids are introduced to a wide variety of kindergarten readiness skills, then encouraged to integrate these concepts to complete each activity.
  • Sizes, Measurement & Color Recognition. Playful little Zoe helps children learn about big & small, short & tall, and much more.

Over 40 Activity Combinations. More Than 40 Skills!

  • Computer Familiarity
  • Letter Recognition
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary & Spelling
  • Word Identification
  • Early Reading
  • Number Recognition
  • Counting & Quantities
  • Sequencing & Ordering
  • Early Addition & Subtraction
  • Memory & Problem Solving
  • Similarities & Differences
  • Object & Sound Recognition
  • Decision Making
  • Listening & Following Directions
  • Spanish Words & Counting
  • Special Features:
  • Parent's Guide
  • Multiple Skill Levels
  • Sesame Street Songs from Sony Wonder & CTW

Smiles Guaranteed! If you're not 100% satisfied with this product, Creative Wonders will refund your money, hassle-free


Windows - 486/25 MHz processor or faster, Windows 3.1 or higher and DOS 5.0 or higher (OR Windows 95), 8 MB RAM, Hard Drive with 3 MB free, Double-speed CD-ROM drive, VGA 256 colors (640 x 480), Windows compatible sound card, mouse.


Computer Shopper, September 1997

"Get Set for Kindergarten Deluxe is a two-CD-ROM set with two distinct programs. The first presents the Let's Make a Word game show, with host Guy Smiley. Here, children play a variety of reading activities: They spell with Elmo (but they don't tickle him), match letters with sounds, rhyme words, and match Spanish words with onscreen objects. When children finish activities, they accumulate 'toys' in their treasure chest.

"The second disk features host Guy Smiley in another game show, Get Set to Learn, with activities that emphasize basic math and problem-solving skills. Kids create patterns with Cookie Monster (yes, this involves tasty-looking virtual cookies), arrange objects in sets with Big Bird, add and subtract trash with Oscar, measure objects with Zoe, and more. We found that youngsters adored seeing and playing with their favorite characters. Although the program is intended for children aged 4 to 6, it's more suitable for kids who are confident with their ABCs and 123s.

"The graphics, animation, and sound are excellent throughout, and the program does a great job of bringing the beloved 'Sesame Street' characters to interactive life. Our young testers had no problems navigating and using the program. In all, Big Bird and the 'Sesame Street' gang are truly multimedia - they're lovable teachers on a PC as well as on TV."

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