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ZOOM Learn to Speak German
Version 8.0
Sold Out (Win95/Win98 Only) (Retail Box) (LEARNG8PR)

Publisher: The Learning Company

Reference/Language Instruction

The Complete Interactive Learning Solution

This exciting software product makes it easy to learn German well. Learn To Speak German is a comprehensive course that helps you learn everything you need - in a fun, friendly way! You will become fluent in German and develop basic to complex skills. Study when you want and in private!

Complete Course Includes Over 100 Lessons Covering:

  • Pronunciations
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing


  • Speech Recognition
  • Interactive Conversations
  • Talking Dictionary
Complete, Comprehensive Approach
Focuses on: Special Features:
Pronunciation Personalized Learning System
Vocabulary Advanced Speech Recognition
Listening Voice Recording and Playback
Speaking Progress Checks
Reading Talking Dictionary
Writing Cultural Movies
Grammar Specialized Internet Lessons

Personalized Learning System (PLS) Offers:

Pre-Assessment Test
Determines current skill level, from Beginner through advanced and recommends best place to begin learning.

Adjustable Study Plan
PLS creates a study plan based on your time availability to help you better manage and achieve your personal goals. Progress Tracking monitors your progress and targets areas that require practice.

Subject-Specific Study Topics
Choose to learn the topics that match your personal interests, such as: Basics, Travel, Business, Everyday.

Specialized Internet Lessons and Content
PLS works through your Internet service to provide exclusive access to activities and lessons that expand your learning experience in exciting new ways:

  • Discover specialized content and lessons covering a wide variety of hard-to-find topics and real-life situations.
  • Interact with an online study group. Practice and learn from other Learn to Speak users.
  • Improve with personal online tutoring that offers answers to specific questions.
  • Update your program with new continuously changing lessons and content

Master Words & Phrases

From Basics to Fluency
Start learning basic words and gradually build to phrases. Extensive vocabulary and grammar sections build and reinforce learning.

Choose Your Topics of Interest
From travel and business to everyday conversations, choose to learn the subjects that interest you most.

Develop Comprehension, Reading, and Writing Skills

Repetition and Practice
A variety of exercises, drills and games encourage you to master reading, writing, and speaking. A talking dictionary assists in spelling and translation.

Practice Pronunciation
Practice your pronunciation until it's perfect, using the advanced record and playback feature. You can listen and repeat words and phrases to compare your own voice to those of native speakers.

Achieve Fluency

Interactive Conversations with Native Speakers
Perfect speaking and listening skills by engaging in "real-world" conversation simulations using the most advanced speech-recognition technology available.

Broaden Cultural Knowledge
Learn To Speak puts you in realistic situations you might face when taking your skills on the road. Familiarize yourself with the country, the people and their customs by viewing many different cultural movies.


Version 8.0: Pentium 90MHz or better, Windows 95/98 Only with 16 MB RAM, Windows 98 with 16 MB RAM, hard drive, 256 color SVGA, 4x CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card, mouse.

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