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ZOOM Law & Order
Dead on the Money
$9.95 (Win95/98/2000/Me/XP) (Retail) (LAWORDERPR)

Publisher: Legacy Interactive


- Mild animated violence


A- from Just Adventure

from Four Fat Chicks

Call the Shots in an Original Murder Case

Law & Order: Dead on the Money is an exciting adventure/puzzle game based on an original, complex murder case created exclusively by a Law & Order television writer. Set in a dramatic and realistic world of criminal investigation and legal prosecution, this game looks at crime and justice from a dual perspective. First, partner with Detective Lennie Briscoe (actual voice of Jerry Orbach) and gather evidence for the crime investigation. Players also identify and apprehend suspects under the supervision of the precinct lieutenant, Anita Van Buren (actual voice of S. Epatha Merkerson). In the second half, the focus shifts to the criminal courts. Build your case with Assistant District Attorney, Serena Southerlyn (actual voice of Elisabeth Röhm) and work together within a complicated justice system to convict your suspect.

Hotshot investment broker Jenny Russ was found strangled in Central Park and you must find her murderer. Was the killer an unhappy client, a former lover, or a complete stranger? Step into the world of Law & Order to apprehend and convict Jenny's murderer.

Partner with Detective Lennie Briscoe as you scour the crime scene for clues, follow leads, and interrogate suspects. Arrest the murderer before time runs out and Lt. Van Buren takes you off the case. Once you've got the killer in custody, you'll team up with Assistant D.A. Serena Southerlyn to present a compelling case that will convince the jury to return a guilty verdict.

When the defense attorney undermines your case, it's up to you to track down last-minute evidence and make deals with reluctant witnesses to reveal the truth.

Follow Leads

  • Question witnesses to uncover hidden motives
  • Interrogate potential suspects

Search the City for Clues

  • Gather evidence at the crime scene
  • Put together search warrants to gain entry to more locations
  • Sift through hundreds of pieces of evidence

Build Your Case

  • Analyze evidence at the crime lab
  • Follow suspects with the surveillance unit
  • Run background checks on witnesses and evidence

Convince the Jury

  • Present incriminating evidence
  • Cross examine defense witnesses
  • Encounter multiple endings based on your performance


Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP: Pentium 2, 400 Mhz, 96 MB Ram, 12x CD ROM Drive, High color, 16-bit capable 8MB Video Card, Sound card


Just Adventure by Bob Freese

"Drum roll - this metamorphosis is a definite winner!... The production team has really pulled out the stops on this one. There is some very cool and sophisticated stuff there..."

"The case evolves around a Wall Street murder (actually written by a Law & Order series writer). I won't divulge any of the plot, but it is complex and diverse - just like the TV show, except this time, you're in control. The first half of the game you'll play the Jerry Orbach character (Detective Lennie Briscoe) finding evidence and witnesses. The interface allows you to send off evidentiary items to the crime lab for analysis. You'll be notified by your cell phone when the analysis is complete. Ditto character background checks, surveillance requests, psychiatric evaluation requests, subpoena requests, etc. As Det. Briscoe, you'll confer with Lt. Van Buren ( S. Epatha Merkerson) at Headquarters quite often. When you believe your investigation is complete, you arrest the suspect and you'll need to specify which witnesses and which pieces of evidence you'll provide for the second half of the game - the trial phase."

"During the second half of the game, you'll play the Elisabeth Rohm character (Asst. District Attorney, Serena Southerlyn). You'll be able to question the witnesses and reference the evidence provided you by Det. Briscoe. But be on your toes, that dork of a defense attorney will object to many of the questions you might ask. Likewise, during his cross, you may - and must - object to some of his questions, so listen carefully. Hey, check the PC on Serena's desk - you'll find valuable lawyer tactics. Occasionally, the judge will corral you two to her bench for an "up close and personal". If Briscoe and Southerlyn are on top of their game (yep, pun intended), you'll have caught the right suspect and put him (or her) away for a long, long time."

"Note to Universal Studios: An anomaly to report. Until I received this game to review, I had never watched Law & Order. Once playing the game, I started watching the TV series. I'm hooked. Go figure!"

Quandary Review by Rosemary Young

"As soon as I heard about the imminent release of this Law & Order game I was interested. Not only did it sound intriguing but it also seemed to me that, based on a long running Television series, it might be a good candidate for attracting new adventure game players into the fold. I’ve just finished it, and with a couple of reservations, it gets my seal of approval on both the above counts. Firstly there’s lots to enjoy for adventure game players; it’s an entertaining game with a difference (more on this later) and, secondly, fans of the TV Law & Order series will feel right at home because it is just what the lawyer ordered."

"I took up the challenge and had fun with this game. In the process I kept the records clerk and lab technician flat out filling in reports. I particularly enjoyed the trial part because I didn’t feel so pressured. I did my homework and read up on the optimum way to frame questions and was ultimately quite successful. I also got to shout ‘Objection’ a lot … and in the right places. I got better ‘marks’ for my legal work than I did for my investigation … I might have found my true vocation at long last!"

Note: Law & Order Patch now available. Good news for me and other players who don't like playing against the clock. Our Objections have been sustained! In their new Patch Legacy Interactive have tinkered with the clock to make it count down 10 times slower in 'Efficiency' mode. According to my estimation this should effectively cancel the clock. There should now be absolutely plenty of time to leisurely explore and get things done! Thank you to Legacy for a rapid and positive response to player feedback.

Four Fat Chicks by Old Rooster

"Not only is the overall graphical presentation of DOTM very satisfying, but there is special pleasure in the faces and expressions of your associates, witnesses and suspects. Lennie, Van Buren and Southerlyn look like their T.V. counterparts. Lennie will raise an eyebrow at an appropriate time. Indeed, he'll occasionally look over to you while you're questioning a suspect with clear facial expressions suggesting such thoughts as: "Hey, that's a lie, we got him/her;" or "Yeah, right, who does he/she think they're kidding!"..."

"Law & Order: Dead on the Money is one of the finest police procedural or detective adventure games ever created. Being a fan of the series may give a positive bias toward the game but, just as clearly, being a fan of the series would lead me to be very critical if the game did not fairly represent the quality of the show. Frankly, I wasn't expecting this fine an effort, cynically worried that the game might just be a quickie spin-off from the T.V. series. How wrong I was; how pleased I became; and how happy you'll be with this game. There are virtually no nits I can pick, especially with the "clock" patch now available. The writing is superb, with suspense, misdirection, humor, careful mystery plotting. The acting is outstanding, not only with the main characters who clearly enjoyed themselves and gave their all, but also with the bit players. Game construction in terms of how it's played and how you progress is clear, efficient, logical. Graphics, particularly facial expressions, are well above average."

"I am pleased to award Dead on the Money a Gold Star. It's the most enjoyable gaming experience of any type I've had in the last couple of months and, whether a fan of the T.V. show or not, the game is highly recommended. One truly hopes this is the first of a series. Congratulations to all involved!"


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