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ZOOM Leisure Suit Larry's Casino
Sold Out (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (LARRYCASPR)


Game / Casino

ESRB Rating: Mature (17+) - Suggestive Themes

It's Vegas Baby - Larry Style

Leisure Suit Larry and a Vegas casino - it's a match made in polyester heaven. Play 5 great Vegas-style games against the computer and a host of zany, animated characters from Larry's past lives. Of course, if you prefer real women, you an play with the Internet casino crowd for free. Either way, you can trade in your Larrybucks for room upgrades, special treats and virtual souvenirs.

See! ...expressions of your Internet challengers with CyberFace 2000.

Hear! ...your animated opponents' bawdy zings and barbs.

Feel! ...the vibes 24-7 as you entertain in public (and private) chat rooms.

Smell! ...the tension as three Internet party games hone your social skills.

Taste! completely lacking from this game.

Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry, was inspired by a recent trip to Las Vegas where he was inexplicably mauled by white tigers (and Roy). You hold in your hands the result of his multiple head injuries.

It's a Hot Tub of Excitement

Practice your Blackjack skills against the computer in private, then show 'em what you're made of on the Internet.

Go ahead, ask that sassy blonde from the Roulette table back to your pad for a little tête-à-tête. Of course, you may want to upgrade to a nicer room first.

Watch your mouth at the Craps table - that sultry brunette could be a burly construction worker from Dubuque.

Better practice your Poker-face, 'cause with CyberFace 2000, your expressive mug could give away what you're holding.

You can have the wedding of a lifetime every night. So tell her you'd marry her all over again, right after you marry that babe over there.

Larry's Internet Social Clubs

Lose your on-line Larrybucks and you'll have to earn more by competing in one of three hilarious group chat games via You'll laugh all the way to the cashier.

Pick Up Master - Hey, you silver-tongued devil. Pick up extra cash with wild pick-up lines.

Say What?! - Create wacky word definitions and win some mighty big bucks.

Larry's Comedy Club - Innocent or insolent, your punch-lines can punch-up your bank account.

CyberFace 2000

Larry's revolutionary CyberFace 2000 interface fives you the ability to change your expression by typing stuff Like :)

No Internet? No Problem.

Play off-line against classic Larry characters that will keep you laughing even when you're losing.


Windows 95: Pentium 90 or higher, 16MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM, 120MB HD, Windows compatible sound cards with DAC, 28.8 Modem w/ 32-bit Internet Service Provider required for on-line play, keyboard, mouse.

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