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ZOOM Leisure Suit Larry 7:
Love for Sail
Sold Out (Win95/Win3.1/DOS) (Retail) (LARRY7PR)



Mature: 17+ / Mature Sexual Themes

Will Larry Hit Bottom? Or Dock His Little Dinghy?

Drop a world-class lounge lizard onto a cruise ship filled with gorgeous women and what do you get? Side-splitting slapstick? A bawdy bevy of beauties? "The Lust Boat?" Actually, you've got it right in your hands. It's Leisure Suit Larry in Love for Sail. This trip, Al Lowe sets his wacky sense of humor to "full speed ahead" in the latest, greatest chapter in the hapless, hopeless life of software's best-loved loser. It's nautical, but nice.

Snort along with Larry using the authentic Scratch 'n' Sniff card included in this box. Just imagine the smells Al Lowe will make you endure. On second thought - don't.

Stick your face in the game. And your voice, too. Show your friends you're famous. Actually have a life. Windows and microphone required - but not to have a life.

Perfect for "one-handed mousing" Grope 'n' Click means no more icons, just more laughs. Inspired by Windows 95, but not enough that we have to pay royalties to Bill Gates.

Type in anything. Get those great smart a*s responses. But don't worry. You don't have to type all the tiem - just when it's funny.

Better beauties than Mother Nature can make. Or Dow Corning.

Captain Thygh. The ship's sexy skipper. Win her "Thygh's Man Trophy" and spend a week "sailing on the captain."

Dewmi More. A casino fly who "unzips for chips." Will you win her money or her clothes playing Strip Liar's Dice?

Victorian Principles. A "10" on anybody's Dewey Decimal System. File her under "hot" in the Card Catalog of Love.

Wydoncha & Nailmi Jugg. Can Larry turn this fun-loving country-western mother-daughter singing duo into a menage a twang?

Warning: This game contains nudity, sexual content, mature themes and adult situation but in such a non-explicit, cartoony way that anyone looking for the really dirty stuff will be offended.

Requirements: 486 DX/2 66 (Pentium preferred), mouse, SVGA, 640x480@256 colors, 22MB free hard disk space, 2 x CD-ROM drive (4x preferred), 100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card with DAC, 8MB under DOS, 12MB under Windows 95 or Windows 3.1.

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