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ZOOM Lands of Lore:
Throne of Chaos
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (LANDLOREPR)

See also: Lands of Lore II and Land of Lore 3

Westwood Studios/Virgin Games

Role-Playing: First Person, Real-Time

Teens (Ages 13+) - Animated blood and violence


B from  Just Adventure


The Dark Army encroaches, King Richard falls, and Scotia beckons you, laughing. In her mad quest for power, Scotia has ravaged the kingdom. She seeks the throne, yet it eludes her.

Can you stop her?

Do you dare?

Thousands of man-hours in development has resulted in a richly interactive storyline.

Heart-pumping action and adventure - Battle your way through 50 of the most horrifying monsters to ever hit the screen. These vindictive creatures will require your undivided attention.

Enter a Land of Sensory Captivation - Hear the roar of wounded beasts and the clash of fighting steel. Over 20 megabytes of compressed art and special effects.

Quick and Easy Combat and Spell Casting - Experience-driven development puts you in charge. Determine the destiny of your characters and party members.

Compass and Automapper Included - Adventure through ancient keeps and misty forests. Unearth hidden ruins and haunted caves.

Cooperate with the helpful, sidestep the treacherous, and destroy the dangerous in this realm of mystery.

Featuring the voice of Patrick Stewart as King Richard.


IBM or 100% compatible 386SX/33MHz or better, Widnows 3.1 or better/MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, 4 MB RAM (3 MB XMS or EMS), VGA/MCGA graphics, 5 MB hard drive space, CD-ROM drive, MSCDES 2.2 or higher, Microsoft compatible mouse and mouse driver, SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster Pro & compatible sound cards, AdLib Gold and Gold Standard, Roland MT-32/LAPC-2, General MIDI.


From InfoWorld

"Lands of Lore is a delightful balance of all those elements that make a 3-D role- playing adventure game playable - a painstakingly well-thought-out interface, spectacular graphics and sounds, challenging puzzles and an interesting plot."

Just Adventure by Ray Ivey

"I'm a die-hard adventure gamer with a dash of wanderlust...I've always heard that Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos was a great RPG for adventure game fans to try, so a couple of weeks ago I screwed up my courage, downloaded the patch, and installed the 1993 revised CD version of this famous game."

"Richard gives you your marching orders, and you're off! Into the woods of Gladstone to rescue a friend of the King. Very soon into your quest, King Richard is felled by a mysterious illness, put in a magical stasis by his court, and then stolen and imprisoned by Scotia (yes, it was an exceptionally bad day for the poor guy). Your goals during this game are to come up with a potion to cure the king, rescue him, and destroy Scotia. Right off the bat you're attacked by wild pigs and marauding bad guys in the forest..."

"As I said, this is a gigantic game, one of the longest I've ever played. If you get sent into a cave, it's not just a cave, it's a four-level booby-trapped, monster-infested labyrinth, each level about the size of Rhode Island. If you get sent into the swamp, ditto...I guess I didn't find it too tedious, because I never stopped playing over a period of about fifteen days..."

"...this game did whet my appetite to learn more about this ever-popular genre. I recommend it to my adventurous friends."

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