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ZOOM Star Trek Klingon
$19.95 (Win95/Win3.1) (Retail) (KLINGONPR)

Simon & Schuster Interative / Paramount


A 3 CD-ROM set


B from PC Games

7 (out of 10) Computer Player

Gold - Interactive Movie Title from New Media's 1996 Invision Awards

Master the Klingon Way of the Warrior

Or suffer deadly consequences - as you undergo Starfleet's holographic training in the language, culture and warfare of the Federation's most lethal adversary: the Klingons.

Star Trek Klingon the Ultimate Interactive Adventure, the third in Simon & Schuster Interactive's Star Trek series, is a frighteningly realistic interactive episode that tests your mastery of Klingon phrases, customs, body language, and even the proper cooking of gagh. Survive the crucial Language Lab and you may test your new found knowledge of tlhIngan Hol in the double-CD Klingon Immersion Studies.

In this holodeck adventure, you are Pok, a young Klingon warrior caught up in the dangerous circles of Klingon clan politics. On the day of your Rite of Ascension, your father is murdered in his own home - and it is up to you, with the help of Gowron (Leader of the Klingon High Council), to find the murderer and close the circle of vengeance. Along the way you will encounter strange aliens, treacherous friends, and even serve aboard the mighty Bird of Prey, the Tagana.

Think, act and speak like a Klingon, and you will become a warrior. Think like a Terran and you'll be dead Ha'DIbaH.

Also includes a 3rd disk, the Klingon Language Lab to play on your computer and 24 honorable minutes of Power Klingon, featuring the voice of Michael Dorn to use on your audio CD player.


486/66 MHz processor or better, Pentium preferred, 8MB of RAM, 18MB hard disk space, color SVGA monitor, double-speed CD-ROM drive or better, 100% Sound Blaster or compbatible sound card, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher.

For Voice Recognition: a 100% Sound Blaster 16 compatible sound card and microphone are required.


PC Games, June 1996

"I'm not sure you can really call Star Trek: Klingon a 'game,' but don't let that stop you from playing it. This full-screen, full-motion-video CD-ROM experience plays like an interactive episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, filmed from a first-person perspective. Billed as a 'total-immersion holodeck simulation,' the game's action takes place in the holodeck, where Klingon High Council leader Gowron (played with style, relish, and full makeup by Robert O'Reilly, reprising his TV role) endeavors to teach you Klingon culture as you take on the role of a Klingon boy named Pok."

"The best part of Star Trek: Klingon is that it almost lives up to the production values of a real episode of ST:TNG. The video itself - compressed using Duck Corp. TrueMotion technology - is a bit blocky, and it hiccups occasionally, especially if you have less than 16MB of RAM. But the acting is as good as that in a Trek episode, which makes it far superior to what you see in most computer games. (The trick may be that it's difficult to overact a Klingon part.)"

"If you're looking for a traditional adventure game, you won't find it here. Except for one or two puzzles, the decision points are laughably easy, and you can usually just keep trying until you get it right...But hey - if you long to live in the Star Trek universe, it just doesn't get any better than this unique 'total-immersion simulator.' Qapla'!"

Computer Player, July 1996

"Star Trek Klingon is a great offering, but it isn't primarily a game. It's an interactive and entertaining tutorial in conversational Klingon, designed to appeal more to Trek aficionados than to traditional adventurers."

"If you plan to pick up Star Trek Klingon for its gaming value, you'll be disappointed. Though the production values are high, there just isn't sufficient play. If, however, you've always wanted to speak and/or understand the Klingon language, you'll be pleased with your investment and have a great episode of Star Trek to interact with. I'm reminded of the old Klingon adage, 'Act, and you shall have dinner; think, and you shall be dinner.' Star Trek fans should act now and beam up a copy of Star Trek Klingon. It's a no-brainer. Those who aren't enthralled by everything Trek should place their orders from a different replicator. Qapla!"

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