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ZOOM Kingdom Under Fire
Sold Out (Win98/2000/Me/XP) (Retail) (KINGDOMFPR)
LAST COPY. UK Version.

Publisher: Phantagram / Gathering of the Developers

Game: Strategy/Role-Playing

- Animated blood and violence


A War of Heroes

Many years ago, when the land of Bersiah was ruled by the evil lich Kccliani, the seven heroes of Xok arose. One of their number, Rick Miner, perished in battle with the Black Dragon Nibles. Devastated, the remaining six heroes invoked the power of the old dragon's heart to bring their fallen companion back to life. But something went terribly wrong, and Rick Miner was resurrected as Rick Blood, possessing all the powers of the old dragon and more. And so the War of Heroes began, and so your challenge begins...

Each mission in KuF is played according to the memoir of a single leader as a reliving of his particular experience. As the mission unfolds, the truth about the last war is revealed, little-by-little, as are the relationships between heroes. Each mission contains detailed RPG-type events with action and dialogue, creating an immersive gaming experience. Human Alliance missions are played first, followed by the stories of each hero and, finally, Dark Legion missions. This final mission is the most complex, as events are sparked and resolutions reached by different heroes, each in turn.

A Great Combination of RTS and RPG

  • A totally new gaming experience of real time strategy and role playing game
  • Never-ending battles with massive units on giant battlefields in the RTS simulation
  • Great adventures of the heroes in the dungeons in the RPG
  • Transfer of the heroes' levels and experience from RPG to RTS missions

Unique Plot

  • Seven heroes and seven sub-heroes
  • More than 70 different units and 60 fabulous magic spells
  • 12 levels in 6 dungeons and 30 single player missions


Win 98/2000/Me/XP: Pentium II 266, 64MB RAM, any adapter with more than 2 MB video memory, 900 MB of disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 28.8 kbps modem and Internet connection required for Online Play.

Part of the Human Alliance

Moonlight the Wizard - Moonlight is one of the most powerful wizards in the history of Bersiah. He appears to be an elderly man and it is widely known that he is more than 100 years old. He was one of the Xok knights in the First Heroic War and a personal friend of King Keither. He led the Azillian Court for a while until he tired of political issues. He then retired to his own tower to research ancient knowledge. However, he continued to keep a keen eye on Bersiah's affairs..

Moonlight's Warp - This is a mass teleportation spell. Moonlight can warp all nearby units to another location of his choice.

Dwarven Cannon - Dwarves are very hard working, sturdy fellows who live in the Revants Mountains. They are particularly good blacksmiths and tinkers. One of their most famous creations is the cannon. Each dwarf brings his own cannon on his back, loads the cannon balls and fires them on the battlefield. Of course, they still need to adjust the reloading speed, but its destructive power makes up for any shortcomings.

Part of the Dark Legion

Liches - Liches are wizards who sought to become an undead with the aim of furthering their dark pursuits. As long as the living do not interfere with them, Liches generally do not care very much about living creatures, except when they need a body of flesh to perform some kind of dark experiment. However, the powers of the Ancient Heart and Ancient Candle have drawn them out of their evil abodes. They are probably the most powerful wizards among the known undead in Bersiah. They can bring corpses back to life, turning them into zombies, and create Hellish Fire.

Essence Transfer - The spell temporarily allows the Lich to store his unlife essence in another plane so that he can escape certain death. The Lich's body collapses and becomes a corpse so that he can suffer no more harm. After a while, his unlife essence returns to the corpse and he rises again. The Lich is also able to recover a small amount of hit points and mana while his unlife essence is stored in the other plane.

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