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ZOOM KidMail Connection
$14.95 (Windows) (Retail) (KIDMAILPR)



Ages: 5 and up


4 stars from Electronic Entertainment

4 stars from CD-ROM Today

Now There's E-Mail that Kids Can Use - and Parents Love

KidMail opens a whole big world of electronic communications!

KidMail. Suddenly E-mail's fun and friendly!

Now kids will love to send and receive mail the new KidMail way. It's so easy to use, there'll be birthday notes, secret messages, thank yous, reminders, jokes, and letters sent all over the place. KidMail uses CompuServe, MCI Mail or Prodigy to talk to anyone on any on-line service. KidMail's filled with animated sound and graphics. It makes sending mail more fun than you ever had.

Everything you need for instant communications!

In this box is everything you need for instant communication. KidMail connects families and friends around the house or around the world. Everybody from 5 to 95 will love this great new way to keep in touch.

A great way to leave notes, reminders, and greetings for the family at home, too! No messy stickies, smeary whiteboard, or refrigerator magnets needed.

KidMail is yours alone. Every user gets a personal and private diary to keep track of passwords, important personal information, your secret password and special symbol that identifies you on the main user list.

Need a quick message? You don't even have to write. Have KidMail deliver your choice of 50 instant greetings for birthdays, holidays, thank yous, friendly hellos, special events, and more. Easy to personalize them, too!

Choose your favorite Outer Space, Secret Agent or Dino Communication Center to send and receive mail. They're all fun - learn one and you've learned them all.

KidMail stamps are fun to use and help adults control on-line time.


Windows: IBM PC or compatible; 386 or higher with minimum 4 MB RAM, VGA color monitor (640 x 480 minimum); 16 MB hard disk space (10 MB, custom installation); Sound Card, Modem, CD-ROM drive; Windows 3.1 or higher. KidMail works great with CompuServe, Prodigy, MCI Mail, cc:Mail, Internet, NetWare MHS, Microsoft Mail.


Electronic Entertainment, February 1995

"Enter ConnectSoft's KidMail Connection. The Windows program works with CompuServe, MCI Mail, and Prodigy to make using e-mail child's play - even when it comes to addressing Internet messages. An adult, or 'supervisor', controls the options available to each KidMailer on the system, such as how much mail they're allowed to send and to whom they may send it."

"KidMail is a unique product that introduces kids to the world of high-tech communication. If your family already has a membership to an online service, it's a great complement. If you're not online yet, this may be just the boost you need, especially since the program comes with special offers for on-line service memberships."

CD-ROM Today, October 1995

"Even young children will find this program easy to use. A friendly, animated KidBox character offers spoken instructions, while big labeled click-on icons simplify operation. In the Communication Center, KidMailers can view previous messages sent or received, or log on to their e-mail service to check for new mail."

"Children will enjoy KidMail's simplicity, but adults may be frustrated by its setup quirks. For example, you can't test modem settings prior to starting a communication session; you can't register a KidMailer for simultaneous access to more than one e-mail service (the child must be registered separately for each account); and you can't edit a KidMailer's registration configuration."

"Once you've overcome these limitations, KidMail Connection really shines. The program not only simplifies the process of sending and receiving electronic mail, it also helps you to monitor the amount of time your child spends online. This is the perfect product for youngsters who want to 'reach out and touch' an electronic pen pal."

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