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ZOOM KidDesk Internet Safe
Sold Out (Win95) (Retail) (KIDDESKPR)

Publisher: Edmark


For kids of all ages


The FamilyPC 100 (June/July 1999)

Take Control of Internet Safety with One Easy Tool

Don't leave your kids' Internet safety to unreliable filters and blocking systems. KidDesk Internet Safe lets you decide for yourself what's safest for your kids. Just create a private, fun desktop for each child, and fill it with the Web sites and programs you decide are appropriate. Your kids enjoy safe, independent fun, even when you aren't around.

What Makes KidDesk Work So Well?

Provides Computer and Internet Safety
Kids see only what you put on their desktops, so you can control access to hard drives, CDs and the Internet.

Supports YOUR Choices for Each Child
Select programs and Web sites that match each family member's interests, needs and maturity. KidDesk Internet Safe can be automatically launched when your computer starts.

Fast and Easy Setup
Get started quickly with a special automated tool that steps you through adding programs and Web sites.

Frees You from Constant Supervising
A built-in kid-friendly, protective Web browser provides a safe, enclosed environment in which kids can freely play, learn and explore.

Easy Control For You

With KidDesk Internet Safe, a special "safety first" kid-friendly Web browser helps you keep your kids safe from inappropriate content, while fun-packed personal desktops keep your programs safe from the kids. You're in charge of their safety, and your kids are in charge of their fun - all without constant supervision!

  • Lock Out Inappropriate Sites
    Only the sites you approve can be viewed.
  • Prevent Unauthorized Surfing
    Kids cannot type in URLs, nor enter unapproved search engines, or access Web sites.
  • Prevent Access to Unapproved Chat Areas
    You choose the chat rooms your child can visit.
  • Set Online Time Limits
    You decide how long each child can spend online each day.
  • Prevent Disclosure of Information
    By controlling access to Web sites, you can control whether your child can type in data such as names and addresses.

Total Fun for Kids

Oodles of Web Sites, Programs and CDs
Fill your children's desktops with all the fun, educational items that meet their interests and maturity.

Cool Interactive Desk Accessories
Each child has a colorful calendar to personalize. Also use KidDesk Internet Safe as a family message center to record messages or leave notes.

Personalized Desktops, Eight Great Themes
Kids select their own passwords, add their own pictures, and choose their own desktop themes from Pets, Sports, Science Lab, Rainforest, Victorian, Ocean, Millie & Bailey, and Tubular.

Why Filter and Blocking Systems Are Not as Safe as KidDesk

Filters and blocking systems take the decision about what is decent and safe for your child away from you, and can often over-filter or under-filter Web sites.

  • They don't always filter out improper pictures from sites.
  • They don't always block access to unsafe chat rooms.
  • They can't always tell safe sites from unsafe ones (e.g., a block on "XXX" can also lock out sites about "Super Bowl XXX").

KidDesk Internet Safe lets you control safety, not by trying to filter out all that's bad, but by giving your child only what YOU decide is good and safe.


Windows 95 or later: 8 MB RAM (16MB highly recommended), 486/66 MHz or faster, Super VGA, 640x480 (256 colors or more), hard disk with 8 MB free, sound card.

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