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Kasparov's Gambit and
Grand Slam Bridge II
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (KASPAROVPR)

Electronic Arts


Suitable for all audiences

Kasparov's Gambit. World Championship Chess

The World's Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov acts as both your personal coach and your toughest opponent in the most comprehensive computer chess program ever.

Features the 1993 International Computer Chess Champion software engine, the strongest chess engine available for the PC.

Interactive tutorial - Garry can assist you as you play or give step-by-step instructions

Includes a library of 500 famous games played by past world champions.

A second chessboard graphically displays the computer's analysis while you are playing or reviewing games.

Virtually unlimited levels of play. Multiple computer playing styles allow you to construct customized computer opponents.

Grand Slam Bridge II

Play over one billion hands of bridge with the ultimate partner.

Advanced Players will enjoy the wide range of bidding and playing skills.

Learning is easy with a full library of tutorial hands and hints features.

Flexible practice mode allows rebids, redeals, replay of hands, and double dummy play.

Requirements: MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, 4 MB RAM (576K free and 2 MB EMS free) 386, 16 MHz or faster, 13 meg on hard drive, VGA, CD-ROM drive, 1 player, documentation is online, (printer required to print on-line manuals) manuals also available from EA; SoundBlaster, Pro Audio Specturm, AdLib, Roland; two-button mouse. 486 DX recommended for Kasparov.

NOTE: Kasparov's Gambit works in Windows 95 but Grand Slam Bridge does not.

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