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ZOOM Junkland Jam
$19.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (JUNKJAMPR)

Publisher: Southpeak Interactive

Children / Game

Ages: 6 to 10


from Discovery School

A Musical Adventure

Drabsville, U.S.A. - a little un-noteworthy, waste-of-a-town, where sight-seeing was watching TV, and the only thing to do was buy things from it. Simon Fehfer conducted things differently, though. He was going to be a harmonica maestro. That is, until his mother's newest infomercial purchase, the Turbo-Charged JUNK Sucker 2000, swept-up and swallowed all of his possessions, including his harmonica. Knowing that he'd have to face the music of what might be on the other side, Simon demanded that the scaly, trash-mouthed Junk Sucker take him also. Swept-up, he fell down into the magically-zany, interactive world of Junkland, where through a musical adventure, trash is transformed into treasure and learning is never a waste of time.

5 unique and far-out environments set the tone for hours of creative exploration.

Stunning backgrounds strike a chord in the mind's eye of every child's imagination.

Bonus harmonica and music book.

Through the use of everyday items, kids can conduct interesting scientific experiments, and create their own one-of-a-kind musical instruments to compose original melodies.

Junkland Jam is based on the original concept by Bill Bloom. Original Junkland Jam music composed by Bill Bloom, publisher of more than 80 memorable children's songs.

Written by Bill Bloom and Carin Greenberg Baker. Baker is the author of the award-winning children's series, "Ghostwriter."

On-screen journal of scientific experiments reinforces learning away from the computer.

Easy-to-use interface and navigation eases frustration and makes learning fun.

Music & Logic puzzles teach children to creatively think for themselves by using ordinary objects in extraordinary ways.


Windows 95/98 - 486/100 processor or higher, 16 MB RAM, SVGA graphics, double speed CD-ROM drive (quad speed recommended), 16 bit Windows compatible sound card, Microsoft compatible mouse.


Discovery School

"Junkland Jam is a fabulous problem-solving adventure program that has a music and science theme. Kids go on a hunt for a harmonica but must solve all sorts of little problems and collect various clues and items before reaching their goal..."

"We love the interactivity of the game — Simon asks for the players help quite earnestly so that kids really feel involved. The journal acts as a log and is helpful to kids to remind them of the the clues they have already encountered..."

"The program is probably best for kids aged 7-10 (it involves a bit of reading at certain points). Children who love a good problem to solve (and kids who want a bit more challenge than Putt Putt or Freddi Fish) will love this program. Junkland Jam is certainly a game I will recommend."

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