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ZOOM Job Finder Toolkit
Sold Out (Win95/3.1) (Retail) (JOBFINDPR)

Encore Software

Reference / Business

Seven Powerful Fob Finding Resources

Seven powerful resources that give you the competitive edge in today's job market. Want a better job? New career? Or are you just graduating from college and don't know where to begin? Each section of the Job Finder Toolkit advances you towards realizing your career and financial goals.

The Job Finder Toolkit shows you how to:

  • Select the right career
  • Write high impact resumes
  • Find the best employer
  • Ace the interview
  • Land a career position

In the process, it keeps you organized, focused, and motivated. No other software package has ever been assembled that is as comprehensive and thorough. In today's job market - Job Finder Toolkit gives you the advantage.

Career Path

Start your job search off right by finding and matching the BEST careers with your skills. Career Path helps you reach beyond where you are now and opens career avenues you never knew existed. The Career Analyzer Technology helps you to sort and clarify your career goals ensuring you the job of your dreams.

  • Over 500 questions create your personal profile
  • Thousands of Job Titles automatically sorted for you
  • Match your compatibilities with the best job for you, with the personalized rating system
  • Day-to-day duties and responsibilities available for your appraisal

Resume Maker

You need a powerful and dynamic resume to obtain interviews. The award-winning Resume-Maker guides you through each step of producing an effective summary that will set you above the rest. Expert direction in the proper form, content and layout lets you easily create a high impact professional resume.

  • Step-by-step preparation and guidance by experts
  • Hundreds of ideally designed page layouts and examples
  • Industry focused formats give you the inside edge
  • 10 True-type fonts for a sharp professional appearance

Cover Letters

Choose from an extensive array of impactful and powerful cover letters, "thank yous', follow-up notes and more. Start by creating dynamic cover letters that ensure your resume gets serious attention. After your interview, follow up using one of the memorable "thank-you" letters and clinch the position.

  • Over 200 sample cover letters from which you can create and customize your own
  • Pre-written paragraphs from experts that enhance your correspondence
  • Critical analysis tools like spell check, thesaurus and more
  • Focuses your resume for targeted fields such as academic, administrative, marketing and more.

Job Bank

Job Bank - with 16 million companies at your fingertips you can find, mail, fax or call your next employer, now. Job Bank will help you find the companies for whom you want to work. Using a sophisticated search engine, Job Bank will search a 16 million company database for you by career field, geographic location, or company name.

  • Over 16 million companies
  • Quickly search for companies in any category or any field
  • Save time by printing straight from the database to letters, envelopes, and more
  • Easily export your targeted company information into your letters and word processor

Internet Resumes & Jobs

Take advantage of the hottest new resource for potential career opportunities. The Internet; Resumes & Jobs book will refer you to thousands of job listings which are immediately available for search by category, locations, or industry. Find out how and where to post your resume. Uncover the best and newest job openings. Be the first to respond using this essential tool that opens up a world of employment possibilities.

  • Discover "HOT" new job listings
  • Post your resume on-line for human resource directors and recruiters
  • Automatic notification of new job listings
  • Directories for the best on-line classified ads and job listings

Contacts: Schedule & Database

Without the proper tool, keeping organized can be a nightmare. Now with this complete Contact Manager and Scheduler staying on track is easy. Keep tabs on company and contact information, schedule interviews, add appointments and action items to your calendar, and much more.

  • Schedule interviews and follow-ups using daily and weekly agendas
  • Instantly search and find employer information through the helpful database
  • Prioritize and check-off important items
  • Print your appointment schedules for quick reference

Virtual Interview

Convince your potential employer you're the best person for the job by using proven interview techniques and skills. The Winning Edge Workshop enables you to practice and be prepared for any questions or concerns they might throw your way. Uncover all the secrets to acing the interview, including proper etiquette, correct body language, and many others.

  • Over six hours of video coaching
  • Insider tips on etiquette, potential questions and proper responses
  • Learn what questions you should ask
  • Handle delicate salary negotiations like an expert


Windows 95/3.1: 386-33MHz or greater, 8MB RAM, VGA display (SVGA recommended), 2x CD-ROM, 22 MB free hard disk space, Sound Blaster compatible sound card, mouse.

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