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ZOOM Jewels II
The Ultimate Challenge
Sold Out (Win95/98 Only) (Retail) (JEWELS2PR)

Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive


ESRB Rating: Everyone


from Adventure Gamer

Discover the Mysterious Gems of Darkness

Test your mind and powers of intuition. The quest began with Jewels of the Oracle. It continues...

Your adventure begins as you explore a complex of passageways, balconies, and chambers. Discover the secrets of the City of Ancients.

Meet lead archeologist Professor Bhandam, who briefs you on your mission.

Solve these engaging pre-Sumerian puzzles, collect the Gems of Darkness, and uncover the Treasure of Kavi.

Solve These Extraordinary Cerebral Temptations

More than 9,000 years have passed since the ingenious pre-Sumerians invented carts with wheels, sailboats, seed ploughs, and clever puzzles.

It is your mission to gather the Gems of Darkness left behind in the City of Ancients and unlock the mysteries surrounding this civilization.

Captivating Environments
Delve into the fascinating ruins of this remarkable civilization. Reveal the secrets that were concealed for thousands of years.

3D Puzzle Adventure
Stimulate your mind, Discover 24 main devices, each with multiple variations yielding over 80 different challenges.

Intriguing Inventions
Encounter unique tactile puzzles that will sharpen your powers of perception and problem solving skills. Plan your strategy as you conquer these interactive devices.

Intellectual Challenges
Master these mind-benders. Test your abilities of reasoning and observation.

Effortless Navigation
Wander anywhere throughout the atrium at your leisure, or use the map to explore each room. You are the master of this non-linear adventure game.

Beautiful Graphics
Enjoy stunning visuals based on artifacts and design motifs from the ancient pre-Sumerian culture.


Windows 95/98 Only Pentium CPU, 8 MB RAM (16MB preferred), double speed or faster CD-ROM drive.

Does not work on Windows XP.


Adventure Gamer by Ray Ivey, October 15, 1999

"...The game consists of visiting twenty-four rooms, each which contains a beautifully designed and frequently deviously difficult puzzle. Except for the final, 25th puzzle, the gameplay is completely non-linear. The site consists of three levels (eight puzzles on each), and each level is a bit more difficult than the last."

"How are the puzzles? Well, to put it simply, they’re simply wonderful. I didn’t even care that some of them are souped-up retreads of puzzles from the first game. In fact, I was thrilled to see a return of the strategic movement puzzle in which you move a little bug around to carefully clear a board of dozens of little balls. I loved this puzzle in Jewels; I liked this more difficult version even more."

"Just like the last game, you have the choice of solving the puzzles on Easy or Hard mode, and (again, happily) you can make this choice on the fly, between puzzles – as opposed to having to make one choice for the entire game."

"This time around there’s also a built-in hint feature, in the guise of the professor’s "journal." Very helpful when you’re tired of pulling your hair out in fistfuls."

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