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ZOOM Jets!
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (JETSPR)
$4.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Jewel Case) (JETSPJ)
$4.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (CD in Paper Sleeve) (JETSPO)




Top 100 CD-ROMs from PC Magazine 1994

Soar with the Legends of Jet Aviation

Jets changed our ideas about the skies, space and speed forever. Here are the planes and pilots that made it happen, the designers and engineers who created the vision.

Relive man's first daring supersonic flight in the experimental X-1 with Chuck Yeager himself. Put yourself at the edge of outer space as X-15 pilot Pete Knight tells you what it's like to go where no one had flown before. Or go on a dangerous SR-71 Blackbird stealth mission with Rogers Smith. You'll see, hear and learn firsthand about record-setting flights, high flying adventure and harrowing brushes with death. Jets! Interactive Documentary lets you pilot through thrilling chronicles of jet evolution, footage of flying action, animated 3D models, detailed plans and hundreds of full color photos. Jets! even includes the full text of The X Planes by Jay Miller and the acclaimed book Test Pilots by Air Force historian Richard Hallion.

Jets! Puts all this on your own "heads up" display:

More than 30 minutes of full-motion video clips

Video interviews with the aviation legends who lived the adventure

Interactive Documentaries let you explore jet engine development, stealth technology, radical designs and far more

Morphing feature shows jets evolving before your eyes

Hundreds of full color photos and fact boxes about jets from around the world

Original historical documents, plane schematics, cutaways and cockpit views

Two complete on-screen books - The X Planes by Jay Miller and Richard Hallion's Test Pilots, The Frontiersmen of Flight

Highly realistic 3D jet plane animations you can rotate and turn

Let Jets! take you to a whole new world. Be at the controls of a combat-ready F-16 or sleek F-18 through dramatic "I was there" video accounts. Study dozens of jets in incredible detail. Meet their pilots, designers and the dreamers who created a new age in the skies.

Flanker or Phantom. Identify jet aircraft with the hair trigger accuracy of a combat pilot thanks to Jets! photo gallery of famous planes. See great aircraft photography, wire frame plans and stunning 3D models. Move along Jets! morphing timeline for a look at jets throughout history.

Requirements: 486SX or higher processor, 4 MB of RAM, 4 MB or hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, VGA or better display with 256 color support, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later, a mouse or compatible pointing device. Strongly recommended: audio board with speakers and/or headphones.

Older product but tested OK on Windows XP.


PC Magazine, September 13, 1994

"Could an on-line aviation encyclopedia provide any more that Jets! does? Not unless it included action videos, engine sounds, 500 captioned photos, the texts of two books on aviation history, statistics on some 150 jet aircraft, and 22 three-dimensional animations that let you view aircraft from different angles. Fire up your computer and install one of the video drivers included on the disk and you'll be cleared for takeoff."

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