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ZOOM Jetfighter III
$19.95 (DOS) (Retail) (JETF3PR)

Mission Studios Corporation / Interplay



9 out of 10 from boot

Hot - Computer Gaming World

Global Peace Through Deadly Force

Join the ranks of an elite United Nations strike force that scrambles to hot spots when conflict erutps. Lead a team of the world's top pilots on missions against Argentina's invasion of Chile, Cuba's sinister alliance with Colombian drug cartels and more.

Revolutionary 3D terrain. Generated from the U.S. Dept. of Defense, FAA, Defense Mapping Agency, USGS and NOAA. Over 3.5 millions square miles of real-world terrain.

Cinematic interface. Explore your aircraft carrier using an engaging 3D animated interface. Visit the hangar, quarters, library, operations, and more.

Detailed scenery and special effects. Including thousands of buildings, towers, airports, rivers, and more - plus dynamic time-of-day effects, fire, smoke and transparent clouds.

Multimedia encyclopedia. On-line database of over 60 modern aircraft and armaments with over 500 pages of photographs, drawings and expert commentary.

Full arsenal of hi-tech weapons. Including: Sidewinders, AMRAAMs, Mk82 bombs, Vulcan cannons and laser-guided Maverick missiles.

Over 90 intense missions. Fly interactive missions over diverse regions like South America, Cuba, Antarctica and U.S.A.

Terrifying carrier landings. Even more realistic landigns on a treacherous pitching and rolling flight deck.

Unsurpassed Features:

Fly multiple fighters - the 21st century F-22N Lightning II or the deadly F/A-18 Hornet.

New special effects technology: TEXTUREAL and 3DNA Sequencing (patents pending) - interlinks realsitic 3D landscape features to accurately model spectacular and diverse scenery.

Unlimited views: virtual cockpit featuring 360 degree 3D viewing - plus missile-cam, padlock view and programmable camera angles.

Incredibly accurate texture mapping - for intense feeling of flight and sensation of speed.

Wingmen at your command assist in dogfights against lethal enemy intelligence.

Still the easiest-to-use flight simulator!

Requirements: 486/DX4 (100 MHz) CPU or better (320x200 gameplay), 8MB RAM (320x200 gameplay), CD-ROM drive, MS-DOS 5.0 or greater, 256 color VESA-compatible SVGA (640x480) video card, 30MB hard drive space.

Recommended: Pentium 133 MHz CPU or better (640x480 gameplay), 16 MB RAM (required for 640x480 gameplay), 4x CD-ROM drive, Mouse (100% Microsoft compatible).

Supports: Windows 95 in DOS mode, Soundcard (including Wave-Table models), Joystick (including advanced models), rudder pedals, throttle control, CH products force F/X joystick.


boot, March 1997

"All 90 missions are flown in campaigns, covering three hypothetical conflict areas: Cuba, Chile, and Argentina, which are detailed, plausible, and gripping. Aside from lending an unusual realism to the game, the theaters provide an eye-popping range of spectacular scenery: towering mountain ranges, rudged coastlines, deserts, and photorealistic cities, all scrupulously modeled from D.O.D. and Defense Mapping Agency data bases. All told, you can fly over 3.5 million square miles of real-world terrain."

"Even a novice sim pilot will appreciate how sweetly the aircraft respond and how well-integrated the combat missions are into the general learning curve. And if you feel like a little off-the-record recreational flying, there's a handy Free Flight mode that lets you see the sights and savor the beautifully rendered terrain without worrying about a missile suddenly committing an unnatural act on your airplane.

"Just as the previous two Jet Fighter products encapsulated 'state of the art' for their respective technological eras, Jet Fighter III strikes the same elusive balance between realism and raw, addictive playability."

Computer Gaming World, February 1997

"In my recent preview of this game, I expressed concern that the delay in shipping JetFighter III might result in a product with an outdated feel. However, it seems that Mission Studios saved the best for last, and with the last-minute additions to the terrain engine, the game has actually leaped to the front of the technical pack.

"The accurate Chilean landscape over which most of the combat occurs is breathtaking, with huge mountains, deep valleys to buzz through, and wispy clouds. The textures flow smoothly between areas, with no 'patchwork' feel, and the variety of objects strewn over the landscape is astounding.

"Unfortunately, this detail comes at a price, and unless you have a 166-MHz or faster Pentium, you'll need to turn down the detail a bit. The game includes a plethora of adjustable detail parameters so you can adjust the frame rate to suit your desires.

"The flight model here is very light, and the game is far more about air-to-air action than realism. Still, no sim has captured the feel of speed as well as JF III, and all but hard-core sticklers should give it a look."

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