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Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (JAZZJACKPR)

Epic Megagames / Gathering of Developers

Game / Arcade

- Animated violence


from The Adrenaline Vault

84% from PC Gamer


The Continuing Adventures of Jazz Jackrabbit

When we last left our hero, Jazz had rescued Princess Eva Earlong from the clutches of the dastardly Devan Shell, foiling the maniacal turtle's plan to take control of the planet Carrotus. In gratitude, the rabbit king and queen made Jazz a prince and granted him Eva's hand in marriage.

Unfortunately, as the cliche goes, it's darn hard to keep a criminally insane turtle down for long. Especially one who makes sure to always have a backup diabolical plot in the wings in case his primary diabolical plot is thwarted by some do-gooder superhero.

With an appalling disregard for wedding etiquette, Devan and his goons crashed Jazz and Eva's royal wedding reception, swiped Eva's 12-carrot diamond wedding ring, and fled.

Enraged at her new son-in-law's failure to defeat Devan once and for all, and socially humiliated by the trashing of her daughter's wedding, the rabbit queen had Jazz thrown into the palace dungeon.

Now, having used the diamond from Eva's ring to complete his top-secret time machine, Devan is racing back in time to rewrite a more turtetically correct version of history - one without rabbits! It's up to Jazz, along with his spaced-out little brother, Spaz, to escape from the palace dungeon, catch up to Devan and stop him before he turns history on its ear.

Action Orientated Puzzles and Secrets

Within Jazz 2, there are blocks that can be shot by various weapons. If a block has a star on it, Jazz can destroy it with any weapon. But, there are other blocks in the game: blocks with an exclamation mark on them must be stomped by Jazz's butt in order to be broken open; blocks with an ammo type depicted on them can only be destroyed by the corresponding weapon. This introduces an element of strategy requiring ammo conservation and treasure hunting. Your success in solving various puzzles throughout the game, can determine exactly what parts of the each level you'll be able to see! Jazz 2 can rearrange levels "on the fly" which means parts of levels can appear or disappear before your very eyes...

In Jazz 2, Jazz has fire and ice weapons. Sometimes Jazz will encounter a spring that's frozen. Use a flaming weapon, and the spring will heat up and become usable. At other times, Jazz will encounter a spring that blocks his path, bouncing him back and preventing him from proceeding. Just freeze the spring with an ice weapon and Jazz will be able to walk across the resulting ice and continue on his way.

Jazz and Spaz have their own special moves. Jazz can helicopter with his ears, allowing for a slow fall. This enables Jazz to excel at the long jump. Spaz has a double jump, allowing him to jump much higher than Jazz. This makes Spaz a master at the high jump. Certain secrets are accessible to one character only. In addition, some levels have different starting points for each character, making the game completely different depending on which character is used.

Cool Jazz 2 Features

  • Engrossing game environment that features animated backgrounds, ambient sound effects, and destructible scenery.
  • Intelligent enemies that dodge your attacks, leap at you and blitz you with multi-staged assaults.
  • Over 12 weapons, most of which can be powered up.
  • Tons of action-oriented puzzles.
  • Scads of secret areas. We defy anyone to find everything in this game.
  • Remarkably fast paced game play. Watch as your character is bounced around like a pinball, or launched through the air by vacuum tubes.
  • Fly, swim, and warp your way through over 30 levels of nonstop action!
  • Training mode that teaches rookies how to play the game.
  • Deliriously fun Party Mode: Jazz up your social life with four-mode multiplayer gaming: two to four players on one screen; up to eight players on two screens via modem; up to 32 players on eight screens via LAN or the Internet!
  • Adjustable difficulty settings for gamers of every skill level.
  • Easy to use game editor, Jazz Creation Station, that lets players create their own levels.
  • Action-oriented puzzles that involve rearranging levels on the fly!


Windows 95: Pentium 90, 16MB RAM (32 MB recommended), 1Mb DirectDraw compatible video card (4Mb recommended), 2x CD ROM drive (4x recommended), 28.8kps Windows 95 compatible modem for internet play, Windows 95 compatible IPX Network card for LAN play.


The Adrenaline Vault by David Laprad

"While the background story will not win any awards, this game is not for the bookish. Devan Shell, the nemesis from the original, is planning to travel back in time and erase Jazz from existence by doing away with his parents. Critical to this plot is the diamond engagement ring our hero gave Eva Earlong, because it's the final component needed for the time machine. Two hand-drawn cinematics bookend the game, allowing the narrative to set the stage for the action, then get the hell out of the way. It creates a wonderful backdrop that allows the designers to give their creative impulses free reign; the game contains an impressive number of environments and characters, and there are countless surprises throughout."

"Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is adrenaline-pumping action from start to finish..."

"Such an accomplished game deserves spirited accolades. Judging from the volume of enthusiastic mail I received in response to the preview, there are a lot of gamers out there looking forward to this title. It is nice when a game is more than worth the wait. If I were asked to come up with one word that describes Jazz Jackrabbit 2, it would be 'finesse.' Smooth graphics, sumptuous art, perfectly refined gameplay, and a wonderful sense of character infuse every pixel. Action-based platform games have not sold well in recent years, not because we have lost interest, but because the people designing them had stopped making games worth playing. Epic MegaGames has created a perfect gem of a game, and I anticipate an energetic bolstering of the genre. So get out there, sharpen your skills, and meet me on the Internet for some hare-raising fun. As Jazz would say, 'What are you waiting for?'"

PC Gamer

"From the first level to the final end-level boss, Jazz 2 is a slick, creative, and addictive romp that’s obviously been a labor of love. Though it may not have the same of jaw-dropping technology found in Epic’s Unreal, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is loaded to the brim with excellent animation, art, and sound effects. It also includes a robust selection of multi-player options with split-screen, modem, LAN, and TCP/IP Internet play. On top of all that, there’s even a built-in editor that allows players to create and modify their own Jazz 2 levels."

"The reason for the no-fuss gameplay comes from a careful balance between the adventurous gameplay style of classic Mario games and the speed-freak action of Sonic The Hedgehog. If you prefer to blast your way straight to the end, you’ll only pass up on some treasure and extra exploration, but if you want to pick your way through every nook and cranny, you’ll be rewarded with extra loot and a few extra power-ups."

"Overall, Jazz 2 is an amazing value that you can pick up and play for a few minutes at a time or for hours on end; with its multi-player options, level editor, and cartoonish charm there’s enough variety and replay value to keep you going for sometime to come."

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