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ZOOM Independence War Deluxe Edition
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (IWARDLXPR)

Publisher: Particle Systems / Infogrames Multimedia

Game / Space Simulation

ESRB Rating: Everyone

There Are Two Sides to Every Story...

Independence War Deluxe Edition combines the original Independence War with an all new Indie campaign called Defiance. With the addition of Defiance, you can now battle from either side-fight as Edison Hayes, an Indie commander or as a young Navy officer in the original Independence War.

Independence War Deluxe Editions is the most comprehensive space sim today. Incorporating feedback from owners of Independence War, Defiance now includes: in-mission save points, wingman commands, new weapons, and alternate weapons loadouts.

Independence War Features:

  • Take command of an 8520-ton, 160-meter long Dreadnaught class corvette
  • Control any of the four bridge workstations: Command, Engineering, Weapons, and Navigation
  • Over 40 diverse missions
  • Detailed ship systems including multiple propulsion options, remote override controls, docking maneuvers, and much more
  • Accurate physics are built into the flight model. Every system of the ship is modeled and reflected in the gameplay
  • Individual wingmen orders
  • Visually stunning 3D graphics (includes software rendering and enhanced versions for 3dfx Voodoo chipsets)
  • Sophisticated and diverse gameplay, from combat to problem solving
  • Compelling movie-quality production, including a new cinematic introduction

Defiance Adds:

  • Mid-mission save points
  • Selectable weapons loadout
  • Individual wingman commands
  • 18 all-new missions fought from the Indie perspective
  • New weapons, including Sniper PBC and the hull-mounted Gatling Cannon
  • New cinematic introduction
  • Remote log-on auto-defense mode
  • Rotating turrets on capital ships
  • See events in the original game from the Indie perspective

Independence War

A guerilla war has been raging for centuries in space. Human colonists are breaking away from Earth's control, declaring independence from the Commonwealth, a power bloc of nations.

As a Commonwealth Navy commander, your mission is to stop the Indie rebels and their random piracy and terrorist attacks. It's a sophisticated, interstellar battle for life, and you must fight your way along the path between duty and justice. With luck and skill you can secure a victory for mankind.


The Independence War is reaching a crucial phase. The Commonwealth Navy is laying siege to the Indie stronghold of Midway, hoping to starve the planet into submission, thus stopping the Indie rebels. The conflict is escalating with no end in sight.

You take on the role of Indie commander Edison Hayes and his crew, propelling yourself headlong into the conflict. You must rely on your wits and courage, for the Navy has the technological edge and the manpower. The fate of the Indies is in your hands.


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: Intel P166 or faster (P200 for 3Dfx mode), PCI video card (640x480 - 256 colors), 160 Mb hard disc space plus 80 Mb Windows swap file, 32MB RAM (64MB for 3Dfx mode), DirectX compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM drive (450k/sec sustained transfer rate), mouse (joystick recommended), DirectX 6.1 or later (supplied on CD).

Works on Windows XP but you may need to set your video card settings (Display, Settings, Advanced, Troubleshoot) two positions to the left.

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