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ZOOM Interstate '76
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (ISTATE76PR)

Included in Interstate 76 Arsenal




95% from Computer Game Entertainment

3-D Auto Combat Simulation

It's 1976...a different 76. Stretched out before you are thousands of miles of desert - the American Southwest. The massive engine roars as you slam down the accelerator. It's time to get funked up...

You are Groove Champion, auto-vigilante. Your agenda: Payback for your dead sister. Your weapon: A 425-horsepower '72 Picard Piranha with two 50-caliber M60 machine guns on top and a flame-thrower on the side. You're one mean dude in an even meaner ride.

They've messed with the wrong Champion.

Built-In Internet Play

Skid, fishtail and crash your way through 3D wicked missions including multiplayer options - eight-player LAN, hood-to-hood modem and Internet combat.

Tricked-Out Muscle Cars

Create your own death valley with 76 customizable muscle cars - including 30 different models. Featuring over 20 forward, rear and dropped armaments, like cluster-bombs, flame-throwers and land mines.

Trackless Environments

Travel freely through open terrain and unrestricted driving environments - small towns, deserts, highways and a variety of other cool '70s locales.

Cineractive Technology

Cinematic animated cut-scenes, a funkadelic CD-quality soundtrack, gripping sound effects and multi-camera angles wider than Groove's lapels.

Realistic Auto Dynamics

Super-realistic vehicular dynamics such as skidding, jumping, acceleration, braking, and collisions are based on actual vehicle physics for true-to-life combat.

Requirements: A 100% Windows 95 compatible computer system (including CD-ROM drive, video card, sound card and input devices), Pentium 90 MHz processor, VESA local bus or PCI video with 1 MB RAM, 256 color SVGA (640x480), 16 MB RAM, quad speed CD-ROM drive (600K/sec transfer rate), hard disk drive with 80 MB or uncompressed space available, Windows 95 operating system, mouse.

Supports any 100% Windows 95 compatible input device, including (but not limited to): Microsoft Sidewinder, CH Flightstick Pro, CH Virtual Pilot Pro, Gravis Analog Joystick, Gravis Analog Pro Joystick, Gravis Gamepad, Thrustmaster Flight Control System, Thrustmaster Formula T2.

InterstateNet - Windows 95 version (which is included) requires one or more of the following in addition to minimum requirements: 100% Windows 95 compatible modem at 14,400 bps or faster, IPX network, TCP/IP network, any other 100% Microsoft DirectPlay supported network.

Important Note: The Windows 95 version uses Microsoft DirectX technology, which may require your system to have the latest Windows 95 drivers.

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