Intranet Construction Toolbox

Intranet Construction Toolbox - C.W.I.I. - Jewel Case - Win - $14.95



First Step to a Paperless Office

Building your own "private internet" or intranet is easy with this great selection of software. Intranet will benefit companies and organizations of any size by:

Accessibility: making information available company-wide, instead of sitting on one manager's desk.

Cost Effective: reducing printing and paper costs by keeping info in electronic form; info is also easily updated and distributed.

Productivity boost by having information readily available and searchable electronically.

Security: better control and distribution of sensitive information.

Improve IT support.

Applications for trianing, sales & marketing, help desk, personnel, CBT, order entry and the like are obvious. Your organization can begin by putting your procedure manuals, employee handbooks, forms, bulletin board and similar information into the Intranet. Then your imagination will take over.

This CD contains the necessary software to set up your intranet server. You will be able to transform your organization's data into web-based documents. Additional info and links to websites for more references and updated info are included.

Requirements: 386 or faster, 8Mb RAM, VGA, Windows 3.1 or better.

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