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ZOOM Inferno: The Odyssey Continues
$18.95 (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (INFERNOPR)
$14.95 (DOS/Win95) (Jewel Case w/ Manual) (INFERNOPO)

Digital Image Design / Ocean



3 stars from CD-ROM Today

76% from PC Gamer

From the award-winning development team that sent you soaring over the Persian Gulf in TFX: Tactical Fighter Experiment... comes Inferno: The Odyssey Continues, an epic flight sim that'll take you and your PC deeper than you've ever gone before.

Imagine the very best of science-fiction stories all rolled into one. Add an ear-bending 'sci-fidelity' sound track from ASF (Alien Sex Fiends), then take control. Welcome to Inferno, the most mind-blowing space adventure ever created.

You are humanity's greatest space pilot, commander of the most potent craft in the universe. In worlds of amazing complexity and detail, you'll defend your solar system against an alien race of unimaginable evil. Zoom down to planet surfaces. Tear through interstellar space. Penetrate maze-like structures in search of parasitic aliens... places where mankind should never venture.

And with near-infinite mission possibilities, who knows how long the struggle may go on...

Requirements: IBM PC 386 33 MHz or above, (486 recommended), 4 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, MSCDEX 2.1 or higher, 4 MB hard disk space, EMS, 500K conventional memory, MS DOS 5.0 or higher, VGA 256K color. Supports: Soundblaster, AdLib and Roland sound cards, Joystick, Mouse, CH Flightstick Pro, Thrustmaster Flight Control System (FCS), Thrustmaster Weapons Control System (WCS).


PC Gamer, May 1995

"The sense of tremendous speed and scale in Inferno is truly awesome. And you're given a remarkable choice of viewpoints on the game's detailed scenery, including an impressive Virtual Cockpit and Holographic Pilot Interface, a Virtual Cockpit Target Lock, and an extremely helpful Navicom display to help you get your bearings."

"More importantly, though, Inferno has variety - more than 700 missions' worth. Aside from traditional dogfight engagements, some missions require you to fly into huge enemy battlestations and navigate a maze of claustrophobic corridors, while others send you down to planetary surfaces where you might even spot a pterodactyl or two flapping lazily by."

CD-ROM Today, May 1995

"This game plays quite nicely and Ocean has packed a great deal of care and quality into the animations. The 3-D rendered characters add a great deal of humor."

"Ocean went out on a limb by creating an 'Evolution Mode' that combines strategy and flight simulation. In this mode, players prioritize the ten-planet solar system and decide which planets they wish to defend."

"The flight simulation in Inferno is unique to say the least. Rather than basing its spacecraft on existing jet fighters, Ocean opted to create an entirely new flying experience. This flight simulation is centered around a holographic interface and laced with special weapons and controls."

MultiMedia Merchandising, April 1995

"This space opera/futuristic flight sim has more than 700 missions and 16,000 gameplay permutations. For good marketing measure, Ocean throws in an in-pack comic book that supports the game's story line and an original musical score (can be spun in an audio CD player) by European band Alien Sex Fiend. In fact, Alien Sex Fiend released Inferno: The Soundtrack - the first soundtrack to come from the PC gaming industry - on Anagram Records."

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