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iF-22 Persian Gulf 5.0
$9.95 (Win95) (Retail) (IF22PERSPR)

Interactive Magic

Game / Flight Simulator

Suitable for Teen and up - Damage to realistic objects

New Edition - Over 250 Enhancements!

In iF-22, you are the pilot of the United States' most advanced jet fighter. You use stealth technology, aerobatic skills, and tactical planning to win campaigns in Bosnia, the Ukraine, and the Persian Gulf. You are not a lone pilot unrelated to the rest of the war, but part of a full-scale effort. Up to three wingmen fly with you on your mission, while other pilots are simultaneously carrying out other missions vital to the success of your campaign.

To make iF-22 even more interesting, you can fly in one of the three multiplayer modes: head-to-head dogfight, head-to-head capture the flag, and cooperative single missions.

Enhanced Features:

  • Three world theaters based in Bosnia, Ukraine and Persian Gulf - on 1 CD! Fly over nearly a quarter of a million miles of real world terrain!
  • Enhanced Dynamic Campaign System (TALON) - Total Air and Land Operations Network - creates a completely realistic combat environment and ensures you never play the same game twice.
  • Improved gameplay performance - New terrain compression technology reduces maximum theater installs and enhances performance.
  • Enhanced aircraft and weapon artificial intelligence (AI)
  • .Multiplayer modes - compete over modem, LAN or WAN.
  • Improved mission planning with additional zoom levels.
  • New manual with additional sections including Multiplayer and Communications.
  • Enhanced special effects - Improved explosions, translucent smoke clouds, and missile trails.
  • Enhanced airfields including improved runways.
  • New texture dithering feature greatly enhances low level terrain detail.
  • Compatible with new AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) equipped computers.
  • Enhanced Avionics - Active point and click cockpit, with new engine and weapons status displays, along with new warning lights.
  • Enhanced flight model created with the most accurate, non-classified material available.
  • Full Virtual Cockpit including bogey and incoming missile padlock views make flying more fun and dogfighting even easier.


Windows 95: Pentium 133 (Pentium 200 or faster recommended), 16 MB RAM (32 MB RAM recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive (8x CD-ROM drive), 130 MB plus space for saved games, DirectX5 compatible, PCI video card with at least 1 MB RAM, mouse. Supports most poplar accelerator cards. Modem or Network required for multiplayer modes.

The Lockheed-Martin F-22

The Lockheed-Martin (Lockheed) F-22 is the US Air Force's next generation air-to-air fighter, the Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF). It combines some of the best features of the F-15 Strike Eagle and the F-117A Stealth Fighter. Designed to meet the USAF's requirement for an aircraft with long-range, supersonic cruise (without afterburner) capability, it also relies heavily upon the same stealth technology highlighted by the spectacular performance of the F-117A in Panama and the Gulf War.

The iF-22 Simulation

iF-22 is a state-of-the-art flight simulator high-lighting the newest weapon in the USAF's arsenal. iF-22 presents a truly remarkable aircraft with unprecedented stealth capabilities, incredible agility through thrust vectoring, blinding supercruise speeds of up to 1.6 Mach, and a cutting-edge integrated avionics package. Combined with a dynamic campaign/mission generation system and photorealistic terrain, these features make iF-22 the most realistic simulation of the F-22.

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