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ZOOM I Dig Dinosaurs
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail Box) (IDIGDINOPR)

Publisher: TOPICS Entertainment

Reference: Dinosaurs

The Ultimate Collection of Dinosaur Software

From TOPICS Entertainment, the publisher of the bestselling software title, A World of Dinosaurs comes this brilliant follow-up box set, I Dig Dinosaurs, the ultimate multimedia reference suite for children of all ages (and fun for adults too). Travel back in time 250 million years, and experience the world of dinosaurs in 3D. Discover the variety of dinosaurs that existed and dominated the earth. Filled with fascinating facts, creative coloring books, games, detailed maps, lists of references, and interactive educational activities, I Dig Dinosaurs will keep every child entertained while teaching valuable information about the prehistoric lives of these giant reptiles.

Dinosaur Hunter:

Become a stellar Dinosaur hunter! Search for buried bones in excavation sites, and assemble them together to recreate your favorite prehistoric creatures. Fascinating animations and interactive activities will keep the whole family learning while having fun.


  • Animations
  • Interactive excavations - assemble dinosaur bones
  • 3D models and timeline
  • X-ray panels
  • Quiz sections

Discovering Dinosaurs:

3D graphics and animations, dinosaur fun facts, and interactive pictures and games make Discovering Dinosaurs a creative activity CD-ROM for kids of all ages. Unravel puzzles, play dinosaur-related games, create cards, t-shirts, and calendars! This interactive software provides entertainment in a high quality educational setting.


  • Coloring Book Creator
  • Read Along
  • Matching & Memory Games
  • Fun Facts
  • Puzzles
  • Dinosaur Magic Animation
  • T-Shirt Maker
  • Calendar and Card Maker

Dinosaur Encyclopedia

This CD-ROM is an ultimate dinosaur encyclopedia filled with hundreds of illustrations, over a thousand references, detailed maps, and comprehensive essays. Easy to use with clear explanations and entries, this software is perfect for students, and will prove to be a powerful resource on all things dinosaur!


  • 230+ illustrations
  • 1,500+ references
  • 45,000 word essay section

Ice Age Adventures: A Mammoth Mystery

Packed with information, learn about the Ice Age, mammoths, geology, and biology in an interactive, multimedia platform. With extensive video and audio clips, this CD-ROM teaches the family valuable information in an entertaining format. This software also includes updated information on the Mammoth Site - trace fossils and see photos of the discoveries that have been made.


  • Mammoth Site history and discoveries
  • Photos and illustrations
  • Interactive games
  • Video clips
  • Audio clips
  • Geology
  • Biology


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: 2x CD-ROM drive (4x recommended), 486 DX/33 or greater, 16 MB RAM, 30 MB free hard drive space, 16 bit color, 800 x 600 screen resolution, mouse, speakers, sound card, printer.


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