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ZOOM Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games
$9.95 (Win98/Me/2000/XP/Win7) (Retail) (HOYLEP & BPR)



Double The Fun With Double The Games!

Get in on the action with Hoyle® Puzzle Games and Hoyle® Board Games. Bend your mind around 18 challenging puzzle games, from crosswords to word searches. Then test your skill at backgammon, chess, pachisi, and more than a dozen other board favorites. They’re two great titles for one great price, with all the quality and fun you’ve come to expect from Hoyle®!

18 Favorite Puzzle Games:

Only Hoyle gives you 18 of your favorite original puzzle games. Hoyle has brought together hours of puzzling entertainment. Problem solvers of all ages will enjoy these classics along with numerous new and exciting puzzle games. There isn't a puzzle game here you won't love to solve. With great games, fun characters, and accuracy that the Hoyle name guarantees, it's easy to see why Hoyle Puzzle Games is number one!

  • Rays:
  • Word Searches: Save and print Word Searches to take on the road.
  • Anagrams:
  • Crosswords: Play against friends on the Internet.
  • Gravity Tiles:
  • Hangman:
  • The Incredible Machine You are the inventor as you attempt to solve over 250 wildly imaginative puzzles.
  • Slide Tiles:
  • Mahjong Tiles: Play 17 variations of Mahjong Tiles, one of the most popular games around. Known to work under Windows 7 and is an excellent puzzle game.
  • Edge Tiles:
  • Maze Racer:
  • Maze Raider :
  • Memory Tiles:
  • Placer Racer: Be cleaver about where you shoot in this addicting arcade game.
  • Solitaire Arcade:
  • Star Collector:
  • Time Breaker
  • New ! Panic:

18 Favorite Board Games:

All of the best, classic table games with a brand-new twist! Get ahead faster with In-Game Tutorials that walk you through the fun, step-by-step. Earn "Hoyle Bucks" and purchase extra content, music, and more! With animated opponents who talk back and speak their minds—now it's more than just a game!

  • BackgammonKnown to work under Windows 7.
  • Battling Ships
  • Bump'em
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Chinese Checkers
  • Dominoes
  • DoubleCross
  • Master Match
  • Maximum Pool
  • Pachisi
  • Reversi
  • Rummy Squares
  • Triple Yacht
  • Word Yacht
  • Wordox
  • Yacht
  • Zilch


Windows 98, Me, XP or 2000:Pentium II PC 233 or higher o 32 MB RAM (64 MB for Windows XP) 8x CD-ROM 800 x 600 @ 16-bit Color 595 MB Hard Disk Space Recommended Pentium II 450 or higher 64 MB RAM 8x CD-ROM 800 x 600 @ 16-bit color 1125 MB Hard Disk Space

Windows 7: We have tested some of the games and puzzles included on these two CDs under Windows 7 64-bit and they seem to work perfectly. However, we have not tested everything. We have no way of testing them under Vista but they probably do work.

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