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ZOOM The House That Had Enough
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1) (Retail) (HOUSEENPR)

Golden Books / Powerhouse Entertainment


Ages: 3 to 7

Multilingual: English and Spanish

"We Just Can't Take It Anymore!"

Peek inside The House That Had Enough...Anne doesn't take care of her things. She slams doors, throws dirty clothes on the floor, leaves dishes in the sink and the cap off her toothpaste! Until one day, her house - and everything in it - decides to leave!

This House Has Had Quite Enough. Mambo dancing curtains, tree trunks sprouting waterfalls, ocean-surfing magazines and smooth-talking perfume bottles are just some of the zany animations to click on! Plus, four interactive "branching" choices involve you in the story's action. Read the story yourself or have it read to you in English or Spanish.

Original Music & Sing Along Songs. Lively music and charming sing-along songs draw young readers into the story in the most interactive ways. A "Sound Box" also allows you to listen to individual sounds of instruments and objects found in the story.

Three Special "Interactivities" Provide Fun and Challenge. Three special "Interactivities," with 3 skill levels, help Anne put her house back in order:

1. Help Anne catch her clothes before they jump out the window.

2. Find the runaway house through the maze of neighborhood streets.

3. Play hide-and-seek by finding household items behind crates and put them away.

This clever story of personal responsibility teaches us not to take our things - or each other - for granted.


Windows: IBM or compatible 486DX, 4MB RAM, double spin CD-ROM drive, Windows '95 or 3.1 or higher, 16 bit sound card, 256 color SVGA graphics, mouse

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