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Ultimate Home Horoscope and Tarot

Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (HORO&TARPR)

Publisher: Topics


Your Personal 4 Disc Spiritual Library

Look no further. The Ultimate Home Horoscope and Tarot is the most advanced and in-depth software program on the market that addresses all the questions you may have about your life, and those close to you. All four discs combine modern technology and graphics without taking away from the genuine experiences of these mystical arts.

At CounterTop/Topics Entertainment, our goal is always to publish the best titles in a particular programming that are geared toward the enrichment of life through spiritual knowledge, and the inherent powers of the Horoscope and Tarot.

These titles have won numerous awards, and received rave reviews from the experts. We're sure you'll agree that Ultimate Home Horoscope and Tarot is an absolute necessity for anyone who is serious about identifying trends, opportunities, and changes in his or her lives.

The Oracle of Changes

Let the Oracle of Changes empower you to make the best decisions concerning all your worries in life! Like psychologist Carl Jung, who studied the world's ancient oracle, the I Ching you too will learn how to live in harmony and happiness by following the advice catered specifically for you. Reduce the stress in your life with this one CD that replicates traditional I Ching practices and enlightens you with a transcendent experience and eternal wisdom.


  • 4 096 solutions to all dilemmas or problems
  • Simulates traditional I Ching methods
  • Save and/or print your readings in the journal

Tarot Magic:

Enhance your Tarot experience with this highly acclaimed CD that teaches the essence of each card and 10 spreads to use with explicit, four level professional interpretations for every reading.

Authentic card shuffling using precise mathematics and the option to use your own deck are all aspects that make Tarot Magic perfect for the curious, the beginner, and even the most advanced reader. Discover what your future has in store for you, today.


  • Interpretations that explain the meaning of each card, relative to its position
  • 10 beautiful built in decks and spreads
  • Save and/or print options for each reading
  • 16 essays about the history of Tarot and recent research discoveries

Birth Horoscope Interpreter:

The Birth Horoscope Interpreter communicates the magic of astrology in a way that is easily understood. It allows you to chart and interpret your horoscope by harnessing the power of the computer to draw upon many years of professional consultations.

The movement of planets around the birth horoscope can identify changes and trends, and the program explains how these planetary changes will affect you, and how to see them as opportunities for personal growth.


  • Interactive astrological wheel diagrams
  • The option to print wheel diagrams, interpretations, and/or book excerpts
  • Detailed interpretations
  • Animated Sequences
  • Planetary and House Cusp position grids

The Art of Palmistry:

Learn more about your unique personality and inner-soul, as well as what the future holds, literally at the palm of your hand. Although palmistry first originated in China and India over 3,000 years ago, the Art of Palmistry combines contemporary multimedia features with this ancient art. Together, it forms a comprehensive, modern method to decipher the inner-workings of your being. Learn more about yourself, and discover the secrets of others in this one, exceptional CD for every aspiring palm reader.


  • Palm simulations for accurate readings
  • Explanations for every line and other topographical markings
  • Glossary of over 60 terms and definitions


Windows 95/98: 486 DX (166 MHz or faster recommended), 8 MB RAM (16 MB recommended), 40 MB free hard disk space (80 MB recommended), SVGA Display 256 colors - 640 x 480 (800 x 600, high colors recommended), 2x CD ROM drive, mouse, sound card.

NOTE: Does NOT work on XP

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