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ZOOM Monty Python
& The Quest for the Holy Grail

This product is contained in Monty Python's Looney Bin

7th Level

Mature sexual themes - animated blood and gore


A- from PC Games

4/5 from the Adventure Collective

The Best CD-ROM Game of 932 A.D.!

What is the quest again?Burn the Witch! Battle the Black Knight! Then outwit the bridgekeeper at the perilous Bridge of Death in this enchanting interactive medieval experience - the first to earn an enthusiastic thumbscrews up from Vladimere the Impaled! And, as an extra, top-secret bonus, this game includes an exciting never-before-produced scene from the script of the original Monty Python film.

Collect clues and solve puzzles as you join King Arthur and his band of knights on their quest for the Holy Grail. Declared "best cd-rom game of 932 A.D." praises abound from those who have witnessed its glory...

"Great! Great! This game is simply great!" - Otto the Great

"It's really good." - Arnulf the Good

"It's not bad." - Arnulf the Bad

"The killer rabbit game caught me completely by surprise!" - Ethelred the Unready

"I play drop dead with all my friends! Then I kill them." - Olaf Tryggvason, a Viking with very few friends

"Spank the virgin has got me hooked! I'll never want to self-flagellate again!" - St. Odo of Cluny

Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, the comedy strategy-adventure game on CD-ROM that Charles the Simple is calling "Simply spectacular!" From the makers of the award-winning "Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time" CD-ROM game.


IBM or compatible 486 33MHz or greater with minimum of 8 MB of RAM (486 66MHz recommended), 256-color display, mouse and CD-ROM drive, MPC compatible sound card and amplified speakers, DOS 3.3 with Windows 3.1/Windows 95 or later.


PC Magazine, September 10, 1996

"As the game unfolds, many sights and sounds will be immediately familiar to fans of the film. Right off the bat, the unique look, feel, and humor of a Monty Python productuion are faithfully recreated in this game.

Beware of the Black Knight!"Each of the game's nine main screens are based on important locations from the film, such as Plague Village, Camelot, and the naughty Castle Anthrax. Most of the scenes and characters are depicted using actual footage from the film, and the animation is reminiscent of the paper-cutout style used in all Python shows."

"...Although most mouse clicks will result in humorous video clips, animations, or sound bytes, you will have to click repeatedly in many places to find the items you need. By repeatedly we mean many, many times, not just three or four; in some places we actually lost count. This can get tedious in a hurry, even for Python fans.

"But that's really the game's only drawback. The graphics are excellent, as are the sound and video. In fact, we found it extremely difficult to tear ourselves away from The Holy Grail even after hours of play. It's easy to lose track of time as you explore Arthur's world.

"Of course, you will need to keep Monty Python's sense of humor in mind while playing. Much of the game's material is meant for mature audiences only, including a heavy dose of sexual humor and plenty of animated blood and gore..."

The Adventure Collective

Parlez vous francais?"This title is filled with all kinds of Monty Python animations. Strangest things will fly around onscreen. Clicking on the characters' clothing, buildings, and even vegetation will result in the most unexpected comments or events. Apart from these animated sprites, as you proceed through the scenes, you will meet members of the original movie cast in such a realistic way that you will think they have been cut right out of the film and placed into the game."

"On one hand, the adventure part of the game is rather short. If you know what you're doing, you can finish the game in five to six hours. On the other hand, this is a very time consuming game if you want to see and find all there is in it. Finally, once you finish the game, don't even think you've seen it all. After playing it through at least five times, I still find new things in this game."

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