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ZOOM High School Advantage 2000
Sold Out (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (HIGHADVDPR)

Encore Software


Grades: 9 to 12
Ages: 14 and up

The Best High School Learning Center Available

Discover how cells divide. Take a journey to Mount Kilimanjaro. Witness the fall of the Berlin Wall. The engaging multimedia and one-on-one attention of these interactive tutors will save valuable study time and dramatically improve grades. No other High School Learning Center delivers better results.

High School Advantage 2000 Includes:

  • Hundreds of videos, animations & photos
  • Amazing 3D visuals
  • Challenging interactive activities
  • Thousands of step-by-step lessons

Master 10 Core Subjects on 6 CD-ROMs:

  • Chemistry - Discover the secrets of atoms
  • Physics - Explore the laws of the universe
  • Life Sciences - Investigate the wonders of nature
  • History - Witness this century's greatest events
  • Geography - Roam the world and meet its peoples
  • Literature - Experience the greatest works of literature
  • Spanish - Learn to speak and read another language
  • Typing - Improve speed, accuracy, and confidence
  • Trigonometry - excel at understanding shapes and concepts
  • Calculus - Master higher math skills with complete tutorials


DISCOVER the fascinating secrets of atoms, elements, and compounds.

  • 14 topics from Elements to Organic Chemistry
  • Hundreds of screens and pop-ups
  • Awesome 3D molecules
  • Challenging Quiz Master

From DK Multimedia's Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science


EXPLORE the scientific laws that govern the universe.

  • 55 topics from Energy to Optics
  • Dozens of animations and video sequences
  • Striking 3D displays
  • Special "Meet the Scientists" section

From DK Multimedia's Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science

Life Sciences

INVESTIGATE the dynamic world of plants and animals.

  • 35 topics from Ecology to Zoology
  • 100's of brilliant photos and illustrations
  • Live cross-referencing to related subjects
  • Built-in Science Dictionary

From DK Multimedia's Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science


WITNESS the exciting events of the 20th Century brought to life.

  • 6,000 authoritative news stories
  • 90 sound clips, 70 videos, and 3,000 photos
  • Over 100 informative biographies
  • Plus themed Focus Articles and animated maps

From DK Multimedia's Chronicle of the 20th Century


ROAM the globe with ease and learn about its intriguing cities and peoples.

  • 10,000 screens and 600 colorful maps
  • In-depth surveys of 193 nations
  • Key statistics presented in charts and graphs
  • Over 250 photos and videos

From DK Multimedia's Cartopedia


Experience the most beloved works of literature, from Sherlock Holmes to the great romantic poets.

  • Over 2,000 unabridged texts
  • 247 author biographies
  • Novels, plays, poems, speeches, and stories
  • Powerful word search capability

From Andromeda's Classic Library


LEARN one of the most popular languages in the world.

  • 15 animated conversations
  • 3 skill levels and full vocabulary index
  • Stop, start & rewind to repeat dialog
  • Correct pronunciation by native Spanish speakers

From Swift


IMPROVE your speed, accuracy and confidence with these proven "keys" to success.

  • Customized lessons fit your needs
  • 6 great arcade-style games
  • Colorful graphs chard your progress
  • Select your own background music and sounds

From Mindscape's Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 5


Excel at visualizing shapes and math relations through illustrated lessons.

  • 24 topics from Angles to Polar Coordinates
  • Hundreds of practice problems to reinforce learning
  • Great audio, narration, and graphics
  • Completely cross-linked Reference Library

From Encore's Math Advantage 2000 for High School


MASTER higher math skills with complete tutorials & colorful graphics.

  • 61 topics from the Product Rule to Simpson's Rule
  • Exciting 3D Game
  • Dozens of instructive animations
  • Smart Exams keep pace with your skills

From Encore's Math Advantage 2000 for High School

Bonus! SAT & ACT Test Prep!

Learn to focus on the essentials. You'll get test-taking strategies, diagnostics, section reviews, and practice exams that will raise your confidence and your scores.


Windows 95, Pentium or greater, 16 MB RAM, 10 MB free hard disk space, SVGA graphics with 256 colors, SoundBlaster compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM, and mouse.

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