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ZOOM Hellfire
Sold Out (Win95) (Retail) (HELLFIREPR)

The Devil Is in the Details

Stoked by the forges of Hellfire burns the first and only authorized expansion of the Diablo universe. This fiery new tale finds you face-to-face with the evil of Na-Kurl. Once the servant of Diablo, now this hideous demon plans to depose his master as the lord of all evil.

In this all-new single player mission, you alone must descend into the new levels of danger, exploring never-before-seen depths of savage brutality. Gain new weapons, powers and strengths in the attempt to defeat the demon Na-Drul. Then, if you live, battle an even stronger Diablo than ever before.

Seek your destiny in all-new, randomly generating levels

Battle 29 new foes in your quest to stop a new master villain

Amass and master 30 additional items and 7 original spells

Probe the complexities of the all-new character class - The Monk

To Hell and Back. Again.

No one knows his name. His face, never before seen. A new and powerufl ally has joined the battle against the ultimate evil.

Enter the Monk. An arcane visitor from an unknown land, endowed with abilities outside the realm of the ordinary. Highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and master of the staff, he also has a unique gift for discovery. And the Monk is just one of the many additions and new features added to Diablo with Hellfire.

Five new magic spells let you create deadly walls of lightning or escape enemies in a flash.

Explore the depths of never-before-seen levels, born of evil and fraught with danger.

Favorite characters from the past are on hand to explore this new expedition into the unknown.

More than new levels, there's a new stroy to unravel and new master demons to destroy.

Firebow, Thunderclap Hammer, and 10 other deadly additions for your weapons arsenal.

Requirements: Windows 95/NT, Pentium 60 (90+ preferred), 16MB RAM (32MB preferred), 2x CD-ROM drive (4x preferred), 150 MB free hard drive space, Widnows compatible sound card w/ DAC, mouse, SVGA video card. Does not support multiplayer. Diable CD must be in drive to play.

Requires registered version of Diablo

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