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ZOOM HeliCops
$19.95 (Win95) (Jewel Case) (HELICOPSPJ)

7th Level


Kids to Adults: Animated Violence


B+ from PC Games

Death Match Ready

Just Grab Your Stick and Play. No Pilot's License Required

Five choppers. Strap one on and command your air space.

Attack the Nemesys crime syndicate as any one of five pissed-off cops.

Annihilate your so-called friends in multi-player death matches.

Real time 3D action with 6 degrees of freedom

Blast your way through 20+ missions.

Requirements: IBM PC or compatible Pentium 100 processor, 8 MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM, Windows 95, Mouse or joystick (joystick highly recommended), 22 MB hard disk space, 256-color display running at 640 x 480, MPC-compatible sound card and amplified speakers.


PC Games, July/August 1997

"This latest offering from 7th Level is the sort of game that would look right at home on a console system, or even in the arcade. No small feat, actually. A mission-based action sim, HeliCOPS isn't deep or complex, but it sure is fun."

"Aside from the entertaining single-player mode, HeliCOPS' deathmatch mode is another ace in its favor. While the game offers the usual eight-player IPX and two-player modem connections, the TCP/IP Internet support is incredible. Like G-NOME, HeliCOPS ran nearly perfect over the course of several test games with different players and numbers of players with virtually no lag. The only error we encountered was an occasional loss of synchronization after playing for several minutes. Deathmatches made the city levels even more appealing, although there's no cooperative team mode, which would have been a useful addition.

"Break it all down, and you've got a game that's fun, fast-paced, hard, and full of explosions. The great Internet play gives it another boost, and on the whole, I'd definitely recommend it for mindless-action fans. It's just a shame more effort wasn't put into the story or characters; that would have given the one-player game much better long-term play value."

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