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ZOOM Health Advantage
Sold Out (Win95/3.1) (Retail) (HEALTHADPR)

Encore Software

Reference / Health

Six Award-Winning CDs

The Family Doctor, 3rd Edition

Now there's always a "Family Doctor" on-call in your own home to help you keep your children in good health. You'll learn to identify symptoms and apply medically-sound treatments to everyday illnesses.

The Family Doctor will improve your family's well being. The extensive program is very user-friendly to search and browse the categories you're interested in. Create a profile for each family member so you can keep track of doctor visits and important medical updates. The Family Doctor is your guide to becoming a better informed parent and caregiver.

  • Answers to over 2,300 commonly asked questions
  • An animated First Aid guide
  • Full-motion video, illustration and text
  • Unique information source on 900 rare diseases


Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, BodyCraft's muscle development and weight control methods are right for you. Using meal plans and workout plans tailored just for you and designed by experts, this amazing program will help you meet your ideal fitness goals.

You can choose from the aerobics, weight training, sports walking, running and biking regimes to suit your activity preferences. Discover the nutritional and exercise plans that are right for you in achieving a more fit and shapely physique.

  • Customized training approach
  • Meal planner for the perfect diet
  • Workout Planner with Instructional Videos
  • Scientific methods that most people need for success

Complete Guide to Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs

Covering over 5,000 brand-name drugs and over 700 generic drugs, learn to battle common ailments. This information is trusted by millions to be the most accurate reference on drugs.

Using a highly interactive format, you can search by key words to learn which drugs should (or should not!) be used for various situations.

  • Audio pronunciation and full color pictures
  • Special updates for infants, children, pregnant women and people over 60
  • Information on side effects, drug interactions and food interactions

The Herbalist

If you've always been curious about holistic, alternative medicine or already know its many benefits, then this is the best resource to consult.

Whether practitioner or patient you will learn about selection criteria for choosing herbs, how to formulate and prepare herbal medicines, as well as how to classify medicinal plants.

  • English-Latin and Latin-English names
  • 171 color photos and a narrated herb garden walk
  • Herb names and plant taxonomy
  • Human Systems application for hundreds of herbal medications

Mayo Clinic - The Total Heart

Mayo Clinic - The Total Heart is the definitive heart health reference. With information provided by one of the world's most respected group cardiology practices, this CD offers everything you ever wanted to know about the heart and its functions, conditions and treatments.

Whether your interest is basic knowledge, symptoms, heart disease, diagnostic tests or staying well, Mayo Clinic - The Total Heart presents the facts and figures in a way that invites and engages you.

  • Anatomy of the heart
  • Information on heart disease
  • Preventative measures for a healthier life
  • Symptoms Guide with warning signs
  • Information on diagnostic tests

Cookbook USA

With over 1 Million Recipes in 52 separate categories, this is the definitive cookbook of all time. Search all categories by Keyword to find recipes by ingredients, name or style as the powerful search engine makes cooking an adventure.

This program is incredibly easy to use: You can select, save, edit and print any recipe for your personal collection.

  • Ability to save and edit custom recipes
  • Special categories include Diabetic, Low-Fat and Vegetable
  • Select gourmet and Ethnic/Foreign specialties


Windows 95/3.1: 486 SX-33MHz or better, 8MB RAM, SVGA display, 2x CD-ROM, 10 MB free hard disk space, Sound Blaster compatible sound card, mouse.

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