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ZOOM Harry Potter and the
Chamber of Secrets
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/2000/XP) (Mini Retail) (HARRY2PR)

Publisher: EA Games

Mild Violence


from Four Fat Chicks

Dare to Return to Hogwarts

Be Harry Potter in a new adventure with more magic, friendship and danger. Learn new spells, undertake new quests, make new friends and challenge new adversaries to confront the powers at the heart of the Chamber of Secrets. Do you dare take the chance that you might face You-Know-Who again? Harry's second year at Hogwarts begins.

Features and Activities:

Go deeper into Harry's world, explore rich environments from the Great Hall to the dark reaches of the Forbidden Forest.

Take the flying car to Hogwarts and master new second year spells, including Skurge, Diffindo, and Spongify.

Overcome dangerous foes from Aragog to the deadly basilisk.

Test your skills in Quidditch and Wizard Duel leagues.

Interact with new characters from the Chamber of Secrets, including Dobby, Lockhart, and Ginny Weasley.


Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, XP: Pentium 166 MHz or faster, 32 MB RAM or greater, 60 MB free hard disk space, 8x CD-ROM drive, 16 bit DirectX compatible sound card, 16 bit DirectX compatible 2 MB video card.


Quandary Review by Steve Ramsey with Emily (age 13)and Clare (age 10)

"At our house, Harry has been making his way towards revealing the identity of the heir of Slytherin for several weeks now. Other holiday events and visits have intervened, but both Emily and Clare continue to return to the quest. Each has started their own game, but often embark with the other in tow, or with the help of a visiting friend or cousin. All players have seemed to respond positively to the adventure."

"You can focus on achieving each objective, and the game will gently propel you in the right direction, but there are plenty of hidden passages and secret openings to find if you explore more thoroughly. Greater exploration will increase your bean and card tally, as well as your ultimate "score", as well as adding another dimension to the game play. Have you really completed the game if you defeat the basilisk, but haven’t found all the wizard cards? That will be a matter of individual opinion."

Emily: "Well I still haven’t played the game all the way through myself, but I played the end with Clare. I like the game a lot. A few of my friends, Roxy and Jay, have played it with me when they were over and both seemed to like it too...It was a lot like the first game but because of some of the changes I talked about I liked it more. I would give it an 8 out of 10."

Clare: "You can get more health with chocolate frogs and potions (wigen tree bark and flobber worm mucus). And if you get enough bronze wizard cards you get an extra "lightning bolt" life and you can then have more health and it is harder to die. I had 4 lives. I have started again and am going to try and get lots of beans and find all the cards. I will also get a lot of health potions. I give this game an 8 and a half out of 10 and I rate it for ages 9 and up. I think it helps if you like Harry Potter."

Four Fat Chicks by Old Rooster

"...the graphics of Chamber are colorful and impressive. Hogwarts particularly pleases, with the attention to detail and such features as the moving staircase done very nicely. Indeed, one can wander around Hogwarts, not always immediately following the leading of Ron or Hermione, and explore common and other areas—some locked until secrets are uncovered. This leads to some replayability of the game, particularly if you are into how many beans or cards you can possibly find. This isn't my cup of tea, but some, especially those console-inclined, do enjoy exploring every nook and cranny to see what they missed.

"Accompanying the fine graphics is wonderful voice acting, sounding very much like the actors from the film—although it's not them. Musical themes are fitting and sound effects effective."

"Chamber of Secrets is the finest adaptation of a film I have ever played. The creators have expended obvious loving care with the game, not content to give the kind of superficial spin-off (rip-off) we so typically experience. Some have complained the game is short (10 hours). Well, it took me 20 (not counting replays), but I also took time to explore, take pictures, and marvel at this recreation of a second year at Hogwarts. For the child around you, or the child within you, and any fan of the Potter series, Chamber comes highly recommended."


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