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Harpoon II:
Admiral's Edition
Sold Out (DOS) (Paper Sleeve) (HARPOON2PO)

Intracorp Entertainment, Inc.


The Ultimate Collection

The hair on the back of your neck stands up as the ship's loudspeaker announces your arrival on the battlegroup's flagship. You quickly salute the colors and the Officer of the Deck, then move to the Combat Information Center. There, you study the electronic displays detailing your units' dispositions as your staff updates you. Finally, you choose a course of action sending your task force, composed of ships and planes spread over miles of ocean, into a desperate battle it must win.

Harpoon II, the acclaimed modern-day naval simulation, culminates with the Admiral's Edition! The premier naval simulation on the planet enables you to control all elements of a modern naval task force. With the new Database Editor, for the first time, you can modify existing ships, planes or installations and all of their subsystems such as propulsion, ECM, ESM, or mounts. Position your forces anywhere in the world with the scenario editor. Play or modify any of over 100 scenarios including the exclusive Regional Conflicts 2: The Middle East.

The most accurate unclassified simulation of modern Naval and Air Combat

Explore the intricacies of 21st century littoral combat

Used by the U.S. Armed Forces units and schools as a training tool

For a more intense battle experience, you have to be in the Navy


  • Database Editor (new)
  • Regional Conflicts 2: The Middle East (new)
  • Deluxe Multimedia master game
  • All existing BattleSets included: over 100 scenarios in all
  • Scenario Editor contest winners included
  • Comprehensive tutorials guide you through each step of creating and playing a scenario and developing new platforms and subsystems
  • Multiple difficulty levels simulate the "Fog of War"
  • Now includes on-line manuals

Requirements: IBM PC and 100% compatibles, 486/DX66 or better (486 DX4/100 or Pentium recommended), 4MB RAM (8MB recommended), DOS 5.0 or better, mouse, 512K SVGA (1MB recommended) card (VESA compatible), 2x CD-ROM player and software. Supports Sound Blaster and 100% compatibles.

Database Editor requires 1 MB SVGA card (VESA compatible) and SVGA monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution.

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