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ZOOM Hardball 5
$7.95 (DOS) (Jewel Case) (007739)

Also Note: All Star Sports




5 stars from CD-ROM Today

86% from PC Gamer

3 1/2 stars from Computer Gaming World

The all-time best-selling simulation of baseball just got better! With an all-new "closest-to-the-plate" camera view. You're twice as close to the action, with the largest strike zone in the game! See ever stitch and seam in ever hopping fastball and hanging curve. Watch the ball "work" through the strike zone-- then send it downtown!

Now, for the first time, the best in baseball gameplay meets the most complete "stats construction set" -- instantly putting every stat and rating under the sun at your fingertips. Create an unlimited number of custom stats displays for the ultimate in managerial thrill!

Full 40-man roster capability.

Over 800 1995 MLBPA players and lineups

40 stadiums

10 skill levels

Head-to-head modem play

Home run derby

Minors, free agents, trading, active and disabled lists

Bonus Fantasy "Legends" League

12 all-time great teams from history

12 beautifully-rendered old-time stadiums

Old-time player stats and photos

Al Michaels calls the play-by-play

Requirements: IBM 486 + 100% compatibles, 33 Mhz, 8 MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM, 18 MB hard disk space, VESA compatible SVGA card capable of 640x400 , 640x480 in 256 colors, all major soundcards.


CD-ROM Today, April 1996

"In its mechanics and fine control of game parameters, Hardball 5 is similar to Stormfront's Tony LaRussa Baseball 3. But Hardball has a more natural feel when hitting, pitching, and fielding, as well as the smoothest, most lifelike animation and graphics of any baseball game on the market. Like its predecessors, it carries the MLBPA license, and statistics are complete through the '95 season."

"Nearly every detail of play can be adjusted to your liking. In fact, Hardball 5 is the front-runner for arcade-action fans. I've never seen a baseball sim so intuitive; I was up and playing instantly."

Computer Gaming World, January 1996

"MindSpan (the designer) has created a cartoon-like baseball world with SVGA graphics that surpass any other game on the market. The detail in the pitching interface far surpasses any other game on the market, and should serve as a model for any game developer."

"It has a lot going in its favor. Smooth animation, great graphics and a comfortable, albeit out of perspective, playing field. Popular sports-caster Al Michaels is the featured announcer, and delivers solid play-by-play commentary. And the pitching interface is simply beautiful."

"One nice improvement is that this version offers a much improved interface for presenting statistics - one that can be customized to feature the stats most interesting to you."

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