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ZOOM Half-Life
Game of the Year Edition
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (HALFLIFGPR)

Publisher: Sierra Studios


ESRB Rating: Mature (Ages 17+)

Now Includes Team Fortress Classic

The critics agree. Half-Life is easily the most gripping, frightening and intense game experience ever. Awarded Game of the Year by more than 40 publications, Half-Life has been called a "Masterpiece of epic proportions." The Half-Life Game of the Year Edition includes new multiplayer models and maps as well as Team Fortress Classic, the hugely popular team-based multiplayer game that runs on top of the Half-Life engine.

Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence
Enemy behavior is uncomfortably realistic. Many creatures not only see and hear you, they track you by your scent.

Advanced Graphics Engine
16-bit rendering (65,000 colors) with 24-bit support for 3D graphics cards means your opponents are as lifelike as they are deadly.

32-Person Internet Multiplayer
Take on up to 31 human opponents on popular multiplayer sites or through services such as Gamespy - or set up your own server.

Choose Your Role

  • Players choose one of nine roles, such as Medic, Soldier, Sniper or Engineer, and then join teammates online or over LAN to battle against enemy teams.
  • Each role has unique weapons, items, abilities and style of play.
  • The variety of roles to choose from and the different objectives for each map encourage teammates to work together and add an unprecedented level of strategy and interaction to the gameplay.

Just Another Day at the Office

Or so you thought... until your experiment blew up in your face. Now, with aliens coming through the walls, a military death squad killing everything in sight, and your colleagues in bits and pieces, you're scrambling to stay alive. Where should you go? Who can you trust? And can you figure it all out before they scrape you into a body bag?

Enemy Teamwork. It isn't your imagination. These guys are working together. They'll lay down cover fire, flank you and use grenades to flush you out.

Extraordinary Realism. Monsters have the most fluid and intricate motion ever seen in an action game, thanks to Half-Life's skeletal animation system.

New to Action Games? Use the training room to build your skills. And multiplayer games are just a click away with Half-Life's easy-to-use interface.


Pentium 133, 24MB RAM, SVGA, high-color (16-bit), 2x CD-ROM drive, 400 MB HD space, Win-compatible soundcard, mouse, keyboard.

Preferred: Pentium 166+, 32 MB RAM, 3D accelerator card (Open GL or Direct3D).

Internet/Multiplayer: 32-bit Internet service provider with 28.8+ modem or Local Area Network.

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