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ZOOM Great Word Adventure
Sold Out (Win 95/Win 3.1) (Retail) (GREATWAPR)

7th Level


Ages: 6 to 9


5 stars from CD-ROM Today - Critics Choice - 1995 Best Early Reading Title

4 stars (out of 4) from HomePC

3 stars from PC Entertainment

Essential Language Curriculum for 1st through 3rd Grade

Fasten your seatbelts for a fun and fast-paced educational ride with Lil' Howie in The Great Word Adventure starring Howie Mandel. This unique and unforgettable approach to learning teaches your children valuable language skills they need now.


Enjoy hours of fun and learning with nine interactive educational scenes.

Experience more than 100 games, puzzles, riddles, word searches, songs and scary stories.

Smart software adjusts to your child's skill level by age and ability.

Add words including this week's spelling list to the 2,000-word database.

Includes a free skill-based activity book.

Earn reward certificates to use as wallpapers or desktop pictures.

More fun than Saturday morning cartoons.

Designed and tested by educators, parents and children.

Access kid-friendly Help from anywhere within the program instantly.

Skills learned:

  • Problem Solving
  • Listening
  • Letter Recognition
  • Word Recognition
  • Rhymes
  • Alphabetization
  • Categorization
  • Capitalization
  • Compound Words
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Homonyms


Windows: IBM or compatible 486 33MHz or greater with a minimum of 8 MB RAM, 256-color display, mouse and double speed CD-ROM drive, MPC compatible sound card and amplified speakers, DOS 3.3 with Windows 95 or Windows 3.1


CD-ROM Today, April 1996

"Top-notch animation, funny dialog, and well-produced vocal characterizations will keep kids interested in the games, and they'll enjoy printing out award certificates honoring their achievements. Young learners respond well to small rewards; it's good to see them incorporated into this title.

"These characteristics - coupled with a well-designed, intuitive user interface - add up to a great title that belongs on your child's software shelf."

PC Entertainment, February 1996

"The title, for ages six to nine, has the same spectacular graphics and animation that made its predecessor such a standout when it was released a couple of years ago..."

"The Great Word Adventure's best feature is that you can customize the program so it will test your kids on the words you add - such as their weekly spelling lists from school. You can also choose from four levels of difficulty. Little Howie's Great Word Adventure is a visual treat, but it's too short on game ingenuity."

HomePC, July 1996

"The Great Word Adventure 1 isn't a perfect learning tool; at times, a child's score in this spelling game reflects his or her ability to aim, more than how well he or she knows words. Nevertheless, the disc more than earns its four stars: We haven't seen a program inspire such excitement in months - it literally had kids jumping and dancing in the aisles.

"Right on cue, Lisa and Marissa, both 9, did a duck dance and bumped butts to the music the program launches when players finish a rhyming activity. Whether or not they were aware that a 2,000 word vocabulary is at the heart of the program - which teaches kids how to spell by way of games, anagrams and alphabetization challenges - really didn't matter, since the jingles, silly gags and corny one-liners from Lil' Howie, the animated bear (voiced by comedian Howie Mandel) who hosts the game, made it all such rollicking fun.

"Favorites of the kids in the Lab included the Stink Gun, which shoots down all the words in a given category (for instance, all words that are colors - 'green' 'red,' 'gold,' and son on), and Scary Stories, which rewards players with a spooky tale for completing an anagram.

"And for all the entertainment, the disc offers a fun-filled way to study for school, since it lets kids add their weekly spelling lists to the collection of words in the program."

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